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Pan tilt svs
Hello i have a problem with my SVS surveyor robot, i can't find a way to control pan-tilt.I assemblied the SVS su...
14 year 6 3901
Changing Servo speed from VBScript
HI, I’m working with VBScript module sending variables to Lynxmotion_SSC but I don’t know how to change the servomotor speed fro...
13 year 3 3885
object tracking with Parallel Port control without servo motors
thank u again for your replay but try to undertsand what i need sorry for my spelling but i do not have servo motors lik...
17 year 1 3882
RR suitability
I've read through the tutorials, documentation, and some of the forum.  My interest is machine vision for RC aircraft...
14 year 5 3879
how to calculate distance between objects
well my problem is , there r 3 balls of diff colors which are to be put into there respective holes.......so is der any...
16 year 13 3876
Hello, I have several questions about Roborealm and Serial Communication.The microcontroller I'm using is Atmega8
12 year 4 3875
please help to make face/body folower for DV cam rotation head
Dear Roborealmer, I am planing to build an automation platform that can move left and right (single...
12 year 7 3874
OSC communication
Hi, I would like to send RR variables to other softwares like vvvv, eyesweb, or even Flash....
16 year 16 3866
Point Cloud Analysis
Hi STeven, I'm playing around with a home made laser scanner with RoboRealm anaysis. It se...
16 year 9 3866
Roborealm now crashes as soon as I try to load up the Rovio Control. This could be caused by some s...
13 year 14 3865
Button Interface
I was wondering if it is possible to use the button interface while the camera is set to full screen mode.  I have ver...
14 year 4 3862
How to set up and relay trigger with time delay
Hi, ok - now that RR has stopped crashing (Thanks Steven!) I'm trying to make my way around.
10 year 24 3859
Image Repair by Inpainting
Steven, Any plans to add an inpainting module to RoboRealm? Looking to repair images using inpainti...
13 year 5 3855
Version 2.18
I downloaded the latest version, and my Phidget 888 quit working, It said i did not have correct Dll loaded...
14 year 6 3844
Unstable variable assignments
I have been using Robo Realm to control My 300 lb robot Ethel. I keep having problems with the variable names changing in the mo...
14 year 7 3843
Object Recognition with more objects
Hi, Kindly I would want to know, in simple way, if a way exists to work with more objects contemporarily, since in...
11 year 14 3841
wireless transmission over serial
I am using an RF transmitter that I bought locally. It has 8-bits of TTL outputs from a microcontroller. Can someone give me an...
13 year 8 3835
Binning pixels to increase signal
A module to bin pixels to increase signal at the expense of resolution would be useful. It should be possible to bin dif...
16 year 9 3832
RCX brick
I have just purchased several robotics invention systems, which are RCX 1.0 which I have just found out is about 10 years old.&n...
15 year 2 3832
Outdoor navigation
Hello everyone I'am Bob. I'am part of a project group at my school and we are building a robot which should be a...
15 year 7 3829

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