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george zwingzo from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
I'm looking for real-time image stabilization software for a moving robotic application.  There will be plenty of camera shake due to the motion of the platform over rough terrain.  There will be additional shake due to the motor mounted on the platform used to move the robot.  I need real time stabilization for streaming incoming video.  Does the RoboRealm application provide real-time image stabilization?  There's a link to image stabilization in the website but it doesn't say if it's real time or not.  If RoboRealm doesn't provide stabilization does anyone know of a software product that does?

Anonymous 14 year
The reason it does not state that it is realtime is that it will largely depend on the cpu potential of the machine that is running RoboRealm and the camera image size being used. The best way is to test it out using some video from your robot ... then you can see if it works well enough for you.

Note that for very shaky video you will need really fast shutter speed otherwise you will get blurred images that will not align well.


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