• Q How many machines does a single license allow?
  • Q After I purchased a license, does it ever expire?
  • Q I didn't get an email from you after purchase?
  • Q Do you mail a CD?
  • Q I need an Invoice/Quotation/etc.?
  • Q Do you offer academic discounts?
  • Q What is your phone number/address?
  • Q How do I download previous versions?


  • Q How can I add computer vision to my Robot?
  • Q What cameras does RoboRealm support?
  • Q How many cameras can RoboRealm use at one time?
  • Q Why require online license registration when I first run RoboRealm?
  • Q Why did I run out of licenses? Where did I install RoboRealm?
  • Q How do I move a RoboRealm license?
  • Q How do I update RoboRealm to the latest version?
  • Q Do you provide source code or a linkable library?
  • Q How would I write RoboRealm variables to a file?
  • Q Can I use RoboRealm in embedded environments?
  • Q Can RoboRealm run in Linux?
  • Q I am starting to build a robot. Where can I get started?
  • Q How can I load a JPEG image into RoboRealm?
  • Q Do you have a feature roadmap?
  • Q Is RoboRealm affiliated with any Universities?
  • Q What are the minimum requirements to run RoboRealm?
  • Q How do I make the Dlink DCS900 Internet camera work with RoboRealm software?
  • Q RoboRealm complains about a missing script component?
  • Q RoboRealm complains about a missing dll component?
  • Q RoboRealm will not start!
  • Q How do I programmatically extend or interface with RoboRealm?
  • Q I forgot my Kiosk password!
  • Q What platforms does RoboRealm support?
  • Q Hoes does RoboRealm use multiple CPUs?
  • Q My camera fps (frames per second) is SLOW!
  • Q RoboRealm crashes when accessing my camera!
  • Q How do I cite RoboRealm in a publication?
  • Q Does RoboRealm run on any other Operating Systems besides Windows?
  • Q How do I get my IP camera to work with RoboRealm?
  • Q How do I switch to another language in the interface?
  • Q What is 'faceless mode'?
  • Q Can RoboRealm run on the Raspberry PI?
  • Q RoboRealm appears to be frozen! What can I do?
  • Q My webcam doesn't work with RoboRealm!
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