Trendnet Camera and KWorld Video Capture
Frank Zhao from Canada  [6 posts]
16 year
I have a Trendnet camera http://www.trendnet.com/products/TV-IP400W.htm , will it work? I do not need the pan-tilt function at the moment

Also will this work as a video input?

Frank Zhao from Canada  [6 posts] 16 year
And also http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1961041
Anonymous 16 year

Seems that both tigerdirect devices should work as they are meant to provide a PC interface to NTSC devices. However, the proprietary compression on the first might be suspect until you actually try it out. Normally these types of devices will work without and issue but sometimes they don't create the needed Windows device drivers for DirectX of VFW. Best to just try it out and see what happens.

From what we can tell the Trendnet camera also has all the right specs including the JPEG compression. What they don't say is how that JPEG is sent (ie. what bits and pieces are around that binary data that need to be stripped before display). The IP Cameras almost always do NOT work in the same way. It is certainly possible to get this running but we'd need access over the internet to such a camera for a couple days to test if it is possible to grab images from it. Most should work but some are just not possible without  help from the product company. To date not one has provided us or anyone else (that we are aware of) with that kind of help.

Dave from United States  [84 posts] 16 year
I think this is the same camera...... I didn't like this camera from day one.

Anonymous 16 year

Very occasionally we get lucky ... this appears to be one of those times. The HTTP_READ module seems to like the Url that Dave gave (thanks Dave!!). Just add the HTTP_Read module and use

as an example url. Note that your ip/domain might be a little different but just append on the VIDEO.CGI on the end of it. Note that Dave's will be a little slow since it is over the net ... but it appears to work!

Dave from United States  [84 posts] 16 year
Sure thing STeven!

   If you get the time and your bored someday maybe you can tell me somthing about the D-Link DCS-6620G?  I think you can access the camera here:  use the name "demo" to access it. If you need access to the controls let me know and I supply a name and password to control the camera.

I'm in no hurry for this, just whenever you find yourself bored to death. Just thought maybe you can tell me something I don't know.


Frank Zhao from Canada  [6 posts] 16 year
I got the trendnet camera to work. It's a little delayed but framerate is great and I can track some simple blobs right now. I'll try and buy the usb video capture thingy after mid semester exams and let you know how it goes. My friend can get me some cheap wireless baby monitors to use with it.

Thanks for all the help!
Anonymous 16 year

We're more familiar with the DCS 900 series. At any rate is there anything in particular you're curious about with that camera? We're only familiar with it from the protocol point of view. Seems nice?!?

Dave from United States  [84 posts] 16 year
Hi STeven!

Is there anything in particular you're curious about with that camera?

You sure do ask the tough questions! Hahaha!  Well yes there is something I was wondering about but this could be a little off topic to way off topic but I ask it anyways.

The reason I broght this camera up was the fact this camera "is not" a webcam camera but a security camera and an expensive one ot that. I don't know if you went to the link in the above post but if you did You should have seen the video. To give you a better example of what is going on and what I'd like to do I'm going to post three different links below so you can see the difference and at the same time try to explain what I'd like to do.
and use only the name "demo" (no password).

On this link you will see the main page of the security camera and the video and sound.


On this link use the name: "public" and the password: "everyone". Here the page will load as a webpage with links to other cams or back to the main page.

On the above link use the name: "STeven and the password: "test"

As you can see each page is a little different. And on the last link you have access to all the control's which include pan/tilt/zoom/focus/iris. But again you are at the cameras main page, not on an actual webpage.

I did email the company but didn't get much of an answer from them other then a "can't" answer.

But getting back to what I'd like to do if possible was some how either through RR or through the webpage link was to give people the ability to pan/tilt the camera.

I just found out about the one link where your name and password is "public/everyone" I believe after entering this in once its written to a cookie and if someone visits that page again they don't have to retype it in and the page automatically loads.

But still on two of the links above people have no option to pan/tilt the camera. I did have the other link working for awhile where they could access the controls but to many people would mess with the iris and you would end up with a dark video where people couldn't see anything but a black screen.

So my actually question was is there any easy way to access the "pan/tilt" functions of this camera? If you look at the link that is an actual webpage, the script used on that page is suppiled by the company. And in my email to them I thought another line or two could be added to add the "pan/tilt" function and leave everything else out.

Even if I could access it through RR and control the pan/tilt functions would somewhat be a plus yet still a drawback. Thje drawback is whch have to different programs to access the camera? Which would mean a computer would have to run RR to access the camera when you don't need a computer at all to access it.
  But it would still be nice to have that option to let people be able to move the camera around if they wanted to if at the same time they only had access to the pan/tilt functions but none of the other functions.

Even if I could give access to the pan/tilt functions I still have to watch where the camera is placed being there are real idiots out there. Even putting it in a window where they could look around outside, I have to be careful about where the sun is because someone would point the camera right at the sun and zoom in on it and burn up the camera.

But that was my real interest about this camera.... getting viewers the pan/tilt functions and removing the reast of the functions. I really think though that this camera is one of the ones that are a real pain in the butt to try and do anything with.

Thanks for your time!

P.S. - the one link where you use your name will only be up for 24 hours before its removed.

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