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Nxt brain dead
Hi I have 6 nxt robotic kits that I bought 2 years ago and now they do not work. The battery says t...
13 year 6 4021
Roborealm and Basic Stamp
Trying the exercised described from TOM using a webcam and basic stamp to follow an object. I've created the VB code an...
16 year 10 4011
blob_tracking - reset ID's
Hi, maybe this is an easy question.  I've implemented a number of filters to get a nice single(largest) Blob_Tracking...
13 year 2 4008
Servo + tracking.
Hello, I have now bought this server control board from parallax with 16 servos, I'm just wondering how do I simple make a C++...
15 year 2 4007
Problem with variables from CScript
I'm having problems with CScript variables. I'm just playing around at the moment, but I've just written up a script to find...
13 year 3 4004
Framerate issues while object tracking
So... I'm running a pan/tilt camera setup with 2 servos controlled by an SSC-32. I'm using RGB_Filter, Mean Filter, CO...
15 year 36 3996
Face Tracking - A solution?
Hi, Using the standard modules of RoboRealm, I seem to have created a "sensible" way of tracking...
13 year 6 3995
Separating Roborealm Data in Arduino
Here is my problem. I am not that familiar with programming arduinos and I want to use the microcontroller rather than vbscript...
13 year 6 3992
lynxmotion w/ roborealm
Hi guys, I have a project to integrate roborealm with lynxmotion. In the project, I will have a camera to overlook four differen...
14 year 7 3983
Lynxmotion Robot
Guys and Girls I am happy with Roborealm, its great and i have happily processed my blue ball from...
15 year 3 3976
Generic HID driver and USB-UIRT
Kudos for the generic HID driver.  I am working with the Dream Cheeky USB chess board and my robotic arm.  I...
15 year 5 3971
source code??
Hi, i am using roborealm for my final year project and i am expected to explain the process of my image analysis...
14 year 4 3965
Official Kinect Drivers
FYI - Official Microsoft Kinect drivers coming in Spring! Should make driver installs easier along with access to other features...
12 year 6 3964
Spykee video images
Hi, I want to use the spykee module and have some very basic questions. What I want i...
13 year 3 3962
running 3 unipolar stepper motor using parallel porting..
we are doing our special project.. and we are facing some problems in programming and how to interface the 3 unipolar stepper mo...
14 year 6 3957
VB Script array
Hi I am using RR in a slightly diferent way to most by reading the forum. I am using it for...
16 year 4 3956
Android OS
Is there a possibility of a future Android OS release for roborealm? With my Droid X seems like it might have enough power to ru...
13 year 5 3955
Working RoboRealm & Webcam in Ubuntu!
Here it is folks: RoboRealm running in Ubuntu and Wine with a working webcam. I forgot that the most obvious thing to do for Web...
15 year 3 3948
Live Sports Updates
I was wondering how I could get live sports updates using the new HTTP module.  I am not sure how to go about doing th...
13 year 2 3943
Multiple Camers
I've been wrestling with this for 2 days now... how can I get RR to load using a specific camera and .robo file?
15 year 9 3939

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