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lynxmotion w/ roborealm
Hi guys, I have a project to integrate roborealm with lynxmotion. In the project, I will have a camera to overlook four differen...
14 year 7 4137
Multiple Camers
I've been wrestling with this for 2 days now... how can I get RR to load using a specific camera and .robo file?
15 year 9 4126
Serial problems
I am trying to debug with the serial interface and am having some difficulties. Specifically I am t...
15 year 8 4126
Parallel port interface with multiple instance of roborealm
My objective is to create a robot........which travels in a black road with white background........and if there is a turn then...
15 year 3 4124
Running Different image proccessing pipelines on seperate camera feeds
Hello, I am attempting to run separate modules on different camera feeds.  For example, I...
15 year 2 4122
SimultanalusMy Program and RR
Hi, Another question ! How to use my program on my RCX2 and RR simultaneously...
17 year 3 4118
running 3 unipolar stepper motor using parallel porting..
we are doing our special project.. and we are facing some problems in programming and how to interface the 3 unipolar stepper mo...
15 year 6 4118
Problem with URG-04LX laser scanner module
I bought a URG-04LX laser scanner and I am trying to interface it to RoboRealm module. I have a problem:
13 year 1 4116
Separating Roborealm Data in Arduino
Here is my problem. I am not that familiar with programming arduinos and I want to use the microcontroller rather than vbscript...
13 year 6 4111
Official Kinect Drivers
FYI - Official Microsoft Kinect drivers coming in Spring! Should make driver installs easier along with access to other features...
12 year 6 4108
Framerate issues while object tracking
So... I'm running a pan/tilt camera setup with 2 servos controlled by an SSC-32. I'm using RGB_Filter, Mean Filter, CO...
15 year 36 4103
Generic HID driver and USB-UIRT
Kudos for the generic HID driver.  I am working with the Dream Cheeky USB chess board and my robotic arm.  I...
15 year 5 4098
Variables don't change for motors?
I'm trying to get my robot to change motor values via voice command. But its not working. The sabe...
15 year 2 4095
Trouble updating LASER_POINTS position
The goal of this code is to get the coordinates represented by COG_X and COG_Y which represent a moving person and get the coord...
13 year 3 4091
How to Unwarp Image
I want to unwarp my images with "Intrinsic and Extrinsic Parameters", which are obtained from "Automatic Image Calibration" with...
7 year 10 4084
Roborealm and Basic Stamp
Trying the exercised described from TOM using a webcam and basic stamp to follow an object. I've created the VB code an...
16 year 10 4082
Mosaic Function
Steve, The 240x180 Image Size for Mosaic doesn't appear to show images properly - there is some ty...
13 year 9 4073
Working RoboRealm & Webcam in Ubuntu!
Here it is folks: RoboRealm running in Ubuntu and Wine with a working webcam. I forgot that the most obvious thing to do for Web...
15 year 3 4071
Face Tracking - A solution?
Hi, Using the standard modules of RoboRealm, I seem to have created a "sensible" way of tracking...
14 year 6 4070
source code??
Hi, i am using roborealm for my final year project and i am expected to explain the process of my image analysis...
14 year 4 4057

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