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St├ęphane AGEA from France  [3 posts]
17 year

Another question !
How to use my program on my RCX2 and RR simultaneously?

is this possible ?

RR is a fabulous program, thank you for your work !

Best Regards
Anonymous 17 year

Yes, it should be possible. You would have to uncheck the motor checkbox in the Lego module interface and set some variables.

Unchecking the motor checkbox ensures that RoboRealm does not send motor commands to the RCX which may conflict with your own running program.

The interaction between the RCX and the PC then functions using Variables. When you set a variable within RoboRealm that variable becomes available in the Lego variable dropdown. You can select any variable to then be transmitted to the RCX. Within the RCX your program would then pick up on this variable and react accordingly. I.e. communication happens by transferring a RoboRealm variable into an RCX variable. Naturally, your RCX program will have to understand what to do when the variable changes its value and what it should do based on that value.

Let us know if you need any more clarification or if you don't understand parts of the above description.

Anonymous 17 year

yes, it's good. No problem !

Thank you

Best regards

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