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Human Movement Detection
Hello I am working on a project that requires me to model the background of a WebCam stream which...
14 year 6 4357
"state" variable"
in both tutorials "orienting the lego roverbot" and "adding vision to the lego nxt",  the variable "state...
17 year 4 4350
Steven, any chance soon having a module for the arduino board looks kinda simple since SOR AXON board is close to...
13 year 5 4348
Time linger in VBScript
Is there any command that that will wait for 50millisecond and then goto next commad. I want to get current COG_X,Y value and CO...
13 year 2 4338
using if statement module
Hi, I have a question in using if statement module. I have used different modules in...
14 year 4 4335
2 axis motion control with stepper motors
Im interested in a 2 axis stepper motor based system that can be controled using the usb or serial port on a standard PC...
16 year 5 4333
Object recognition or fiducual?
Hi, I am using RR on my robot to identify markers on a path so that the robot knows where it is. The...
11 year 6 4332
PTZ Foscam Object/ Motion tracking.
I am attempting to get a Foscam Ip camera (F18910W) with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) to pan and tilt to follow an object or movement. So...
8 year 3 4332
Obstacle detection with Ping))), Propeller Servo Controller USB & RR
I purchased a Propeller Servo Controller USB (http://www.parallax.com/Store/Accessories/MotorServoControllers/tabid/160/ProductI...
12 year 3 4329
Robotis Dynamixel module  not discovering servos
I have the CM-700 and set the module to the correct Baud rate, port and in monitor mode but the module never discovers any servo...
12 year 2 4325
parallax servo controller(usb) problem
We are building a robot for a school project, so we bought a parallax servo controller(usb) to control our engines.
13 year 8 4321
Strange findings, any suggestions what to look for.
  This may be a little off topic but being I found the problem using RR I thought I'd post it. ...
16 year 26 4317
Gear Head Webcam WC755IPT Support in Roborealm
So I have a couple Gear Head 1.3 Megapixel Webam Motions Model #: WC755IPT that have built in pan and tilt servos.  Th...
13 year 2 4314
Roborealm stays on
Hi STeven, I noticed that even when I save my .robo files, when I open them up again they a...
16 year 2 4309
Key Send
How does your key send work? Thanks, Sam R....
14 year 4 4306
Newbie question
Hello all, I am currently trying to build a led pick and place machine, but in order to place the...
14 year 11 4303
No Title
how to do parallel port in vbs format controlling any of 8ch and this error...
17 year 0 4301
Compatibility of SRV-1 and Roborealm example
Hello, We're interesting in Roborealm with SRV-1. And we found a question for the t...
14 year 3 4296
CCD/CMOS Cameras on NTSC_M with roborealm?
I'm using 2 X 1/3 Cmos and 2X 1/4 CCD camera boards for a robotic rover project.  They output into a quad pro...
17 year 4 4295
Minimum requirements
Hi all, im planing on using a mini-itx board do use roborealm to make a rover. http://www.v...
16 year 2 4285

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