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Scripting problem
I am having some problem with VB scripting? I'm trying to send a value to PIC using serial port in order to control the movemen...
14 year 3 4451
if statement multiple conditions
Hi, In my program I introduced an if_statement, which includes more than one condition (3-4). Apparently, the if_s...
15 year 2 4449
Obstacle detection with Ping))), Propeller Servo Controller USB & RR
I purchased a Propeller Servo Controller USB (http://www.parallax.com/Store/Accessories/MotorServoControllers/tabid/160/ProductI...
13 year 3 4445
using if statement module
Hi, I have a question in using if statement module. I have used different modules in...
15 year 4 4441
Robotis Dynamixel module  not discovering servos
I have the CM-700 and set the module to the correct Baud rate, port and in monitor mode but the module never discovers any servo...
13 year 2 4440
parallax servo controller(usb) problem
We are building a robot for a school project, so we bought a parallax servo controller(usb) to control our engines.
14 year 8 4435
Newbie question
Hello all, I am currently trying to build a led pick and place machine, but in order to place the...
14 year 11 4435
Gear Head Webcam WC755IPT Support in Roborealm
So I have a couple Gear Head 1.3 Megapixel Webam Motions Model #: WC755IPT that have built in pan and tilt servos.  Th...
13 year 2 4432
MRDS setup
I've just dl'd RR to give it a try and after ollowing the directions under the MRDS docs, I get a bunch of errors after step #...
11 year 3 4430
Trapezium crop
Hi STeven, Is it possible to crop trapezium shapes? As the area gets smaller due to perspective, i...
12 year 7 4424
C++ API & Compiler issue.
Hi, I've started experimenting with the C++ API, however I cannot even seem to compile the...
16 year 11 4420
Strange findings, any suggestions what to look for.
  This may be a little off topic but being I found the problem using RR I thought I'd post it. ...
16 year 26 4418
RD02 Devantech
Hey Steve, How I can to connect the RD02 Devantech Kit with RR?. Can you or somebody to help me. I have Arduino Di...
13 year 4 4411
Dream Cheeky USB Missle Launcher Help!!!
Ok So im working on the tutorial for the usb missle launcher and ran into a problem. If i use the set variable command or try th...
15 year 2 4410
Time linger in VBScript
Is there any command that that will wait for 50millisecond and then goto next commad. I want to get current COG_X,Y value and CO...
13 year 2 4410
Key Send
How does your key send work? Thanks, Sam R....
14 year 4 4408
2 axis motion control with stepper motors
Im interested in a 2 axis stepper motor based system that can be controled using the usb or serial port on a standard PC...
17 year 5 4403
Object recognition or fiducual?
Hi, I am using RR on my robot to identify markers on a path so that the robot knows where it is. The...
12 year 6 4401
No Title
how to do parallel port in vbs format controlling any of 8ch and this error...
17 year 0 4400
Minimum requirements
Hi all, im planing on using a mini-itx board do use roborealm to make a rover. http://www.v...
16 year 2 4399

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