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People counting
A few months ago we had some discussion here in the forum regarding the possibility to accurately count people moving in and out...
12 years 5 4799
Laser Detection?
I can't seem to figure out any way to detect a laser with Roborealm. I tried circles, and I tried what i could with blo...
15 years 15 4785
Roborealm API server
Hi, I try to communicate with the RR API server using java and a socket.
16 years 3 4779
Using "Eliminate Global Flow" in the Optical_Flow Module
Hello, I would like to use the Optical Flow module to track a moving object even when the camera it...
12 years 11 4776
Connect to excel file
For my project i need to connect to excel file which contain properties of object  and enviroment and if find some new...
12 years 2 4743
Robot Control
How did you get the robot controlled in the tutorials by the pc? You used a vb script to do it, but how did the variable...
16 years 2 4735
Progress on Facial Recognition Module
I'd just like to know how the progress for Roborealm's facial recognition module is going. What's been accomplished so far? W...
14 years 8 4719
Object Tracking is Slow
Hello, First of all GREAT job on this software! It's outstanding! My...
12 years 7 4697
Ceiling mounted camera
Looking for a little input. Here's what I have. A Robosapien An IR remote co...
16 years 5 4685
Connecting RoboRealm to a D-LINK 920 wireless webcam
Hello, Does anyone know the magic URL that will work with RoboRealm's Read_HTTP module and the D-L...
13 years 3 4671
Roborealm and Vb.net
Please Help Me.... This is my activity in school. I presume you have some coins in your currency. I...
10 years 6 4661
Object recognition
Hi, i am busy on my graduation, and a part of my project is to write a module to detect obj...
11 years 7 4660
random questions and comments
#1   Where is RoboRealm located ? #2   How do you buy the software ? #3 &nb...
13 years 2 4653
AVM Object Recognition
When I use the AVM plugin I, having problems accessing the variable NV_ARR_OBJ_IDX. I'm trying to get RoboRealm/AVM to recogniz...
12 years 3 4637
Distance between edges
Is there a way to determine the distance (in pixels) between 2 edges? For instance: &n...
15 years 5 4633
Kalman filter
    Hi, I've heard that the Kalamn filter is a very good filter and it predicts the current positio...
13 years 7 4622
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard
FRC SmartDashboard has a simple FFmpeg grabber extension (VideoStreamExtension) that can read mjpeg streams from a web server UR...
9 years 8 4620
Detecting angle of blob
Is this possible, I’m new to roborealm. i want a to detect a blob like see the attachment. When viewing the object...
12 years 6 4604
Blob Segmentation and Filtering : Human Targets
Hi, I have been using the movement module to track a single target. It is now my goal to track more than 1 target, starting firs...
11 years 11 4595
Vista and the DreamCheaky USB Rocket Launcher
Hello, I have recently tried Roborealm's DC_missile module on a Vista Computer with UAC disabled. Whenever I add the DC_missile...
13 years 5 4590

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