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USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
8 year 8 4583
lego nxt  bluetooth connection
i have problem with my lego NXT bluetooth connection. whenever i connect the reborealm to the lego NXT through bluetooth, it con...
14 year 4 4574
Roomba Control
Has anyone else had any luck with getting the seek dock function to work with a Discovery 400 series?...
12 year 14 4538
Pololu Micro Maestro
Greetings We putting together an ROV to accompany a submarine and want to drive it with RC motor an...
13 year 7 4537
Lorex LW1020 camera
I just tried to connect another camera, Lorex LW1020. It shows in the list as usbvm326 wireless camera.
14 year 4 4532
The circles module doesn't appear to recognize circles with a radius larger than 100 pixels.  I'm trying to find the...
14 year 11 4512
Write AVI and multiple .avi Filenames
In your Write AVI module I would like to be able to change the Filename that is created.  Say with a date/timestamp na...
13 year 8 4510
RoboRealm works mostly in Linux Wine!
Steve, Did you know that RoboRealm will mostly run in the latest version of Ubuntu running WINE? I...
14 year 4 4509
Networked RR Servers
I have a mobile robot running Roborealm. Unfortunately the remote mobile agent's CPU  is not fast enough to p...
12 year 8 4503
Measuring Depth
Hi, I'm currently working with roborealm to measure some objects in a picture. I want to measure t...
12 year 7 4500
Photoelectric Eye
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use a photoelectric sensor as an input that could be used as an external sign...
16 year 5 4486
Roomba Discovery Sensors
Hello, I'm using this with my Roomba. The Controls work fine, however the sensors are not correctl...
12 year 11 4484
RR crash
Hi, I've just downloaded RR yesterday. Everything worked fine except when I try to control my Mindstorm....
17 year 4 4480
Laser Scanner
Hey all I am currently working on a laser scanner module to map the local enviroment and wa...
15 year 16 4464
Video Capture Issues
Once i click my camera on button this message appears " Only rgb24, rgb32, rgb555, yuyv, yuy2, uyvy, i420, yv12, y800...
17 year 2 4457
Multi object tracking and triggering
Here is the working vbscript It work amazingly great for multiblob tracking and triggering. I found very tricky to work with it....
10 year 12 4456
want to calculate distance between 2 point
how can i calculate a distance between 2 point.example i click the mouse at a and then click the mouse at b..then the distance a...
14 year 5 4416
Shape Matching Problem?!
I am new in robo realm, but i think there is a problem with shape matching, i have 5 forms. 3 arrow...
13 year 9 4413
vbs codeing
ive had a go at makeing a motion tracking turret (and the most dangerous thing that will ever be mounted on it is a soft...
17 year 3 4407
Media Reader does not open videos in the supported formats
Hi, I am trying to open videos (320x240) using the media reader module. However, they do not run. I...
14 year 8 4397

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