RoboRealm works mostly in Linux Wine!
Danh from United States  [79 posts]
15 year

Did you know that RoboRealm will mostly run in the latest version of Ubuntu running WINE? I discovered this by chance. My webcam won't connect properly (it almost connects, I see the webcam light flash and then it goes off. I have problems with this cam in other Linux programs). However, I am able to drag and drop graphic files from the Ubuntu desktop into RoboRealm. The image processing functions appear to be working! The webserver works too. I bet it wouldn't be hard to find a workaround to the webcam issue. Perhaps you'll could write a little stand alone Ubunutu webcam server that could be connected to by RoboRealm running under WINE. In fact, I think this linux webcam server software may already exist. I'm new to Linux but maybe others can chime in.

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 15 year
Here's an update on my RoboRealm experimentation under Ubuntu and Wine.

I was able to get an ip camera to work (DCS-900W) under RoboRealm running in Ubuntu\Wine.  The raw image updated very quickly. However, when I performed an edge detection filter such as Canny there was a huge lag of 2 to 3 seconds. Running the same filter on WinXp didn't have any signifigant lags.

Even though Wine may not be very efficient running vision filters under RoboRealm I was surprised by other functions that worked. The screen capture actually worked in RoboRealm and allowed me to capture a portion of a You Tube video running in Firefox. I was then able to send this video out the RoboRealm webserver without really any noticable delays. Not sure about the CPU resources though.

So the lag for video is probably too much for a robot. However, something like processing a single still image may be acceptable under Linux\Wine.

Looks like I'm gonna stick with using RoboRealm under WinXP for now.

Anonymous 15 year

Yes, we were also impressed by how much of RoboRealm works on Wine. We had been in correspondence with one of the developers with regards to the webcam interfaces. They appear to be working through those issues so at some point we expect that the webcam interfaces should work with RoboRealm under Wine. However, as you have found out, an emulated or simulated system will never be as fast as the real one. While it is possible to use RoboRealm on Linux it will probably not be as seamless as WinXP. Perhaps once the Wine webcam interfaces become more solid we will look into a focused effort in improving RoboRealm using that platform.

Thanks for the analysis! Wine is a very impressive piece of software!!

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 15 year
Another update on running RoboRealm in Ubuntu using Wine:

I previously reported that I got a D-Link ip camera to work with RoboRealm under Wine but the processing of an edge filter like Canny created a delay of a few seconds. It appears that this delay is caused by the ip camera interface and not the image processing "math" in the pipeline. Good news since there may be faster ways to get an image into RoboRealm like though the api server interface.

It didn't make sense to me that Wine could run games pretty fast but not RoboRealm. In another experiment I captured a YouTube video using the screen capture function and then performed a Canny Edge detection on it. I then used the mosaic function to display the original and Canny processed images next to each other. Unlike my first experiment with the ip camera, there was no noticeable lag between the original and Canny image!

Next step is for the Wine folks to get Webcams working and we'll be several steps closer to a viable RoboRealm running under Linux.


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