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15 year
Is there a way to get the 'real time' date/time stamp (display) on images uploaded?  Maybe I've missed something but I can't seem to find out how.

I'm using RoboRealm, uploading 'Current'.
I tryed the Display_DateTime but it does not seem to be automatically updated for new image (I'm sending at 5 min intervals).

Any insight will be appreciated... Do you take PayPal Donations?
moot from United States  [22 posts] 15 year
Disregard question about PayPal - noticed button after I submitted previous post - will donate now...
Anonymous 15 year

I assume you are referring to the FTP upload? Or is that email?

Either way, be sure that the "Display as annotation" checkbox is NOT selected in the Display Date/Time module AND that the FTP or Email module is AFTER the DisplayDate/Time module. When the FTP module has 'current' selected that implies the current image that the module sees. If that is placed before any display module it will not see those additions so it is normally placed at the end of the pipeline to ensure that all graphical changes are seen in the image (assuming that is desired).

If you have already tried this please include your current robofile (without username and password naturally) that we can use to test what might be incorrect.

moot from United States  [22 posts] 15 year
Thanks for the quick response... first question, where do I find the 'robofile'?
I am referring to the FTP upload.
Bottom line... It would appear that your software was doing what it was supposed to do... I was doing what I was supposed to do (as per your response/dirctions)... - BUT-

It appears that there could be a number of causes for my issue with the image not having current date/time stamp:

1. My host (Apache) needs to update - FrontPage Extensions?
2. Something in MS IE7 does not process
<META http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache">
<META http-equiv="Refresh" content="300">
3. Who knows what else?

Anyway, I put some JavaScript on the page that displays the .jpg - it 'forces' reload/refresh script with a 'doLoad' function.
Seems to work now. There still seems to be about a 2 min lag... just a minor timing issue.

Thanks again...


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Anonymous 15 year

The robofile is created when you press the save button and use a .robo extension. It is basically the configuration that you are currently using to perform the task. Note that the same save button is also used to save images ... it all depends on what extension you use. .jpg will tell RR to save an image, .robo will tell it to save the config and create a 'robofile'.

1. Your host is probably ok. This does not appear to be an issue on the server

2. The meta refresh tag should really be formatted as

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=/your_current_page.php">

3. Most likey caching is also an issue. I see that you used the meta tag but you can also force a refresh by using a different url .. or one that has a different number on the end. For example:




will be seen as two paths to the browser and cause a reload .. note that just the arguments in the path change but not the path itself.

2 minute lag seems a bit much. Can you check to see how quickly the image appears under your host (use an FTP program) just to be sure that something is not really slow with your uploading bandwidth. Or what timing did you specify on the FTP upload?


Anonymous 15 year
Oh, and thanks for the donation!


moot from United States  [22 posts] 15 year
After looking at the file transfering process (through WS_FTP Pro) it appears that it was just a timing issue... there was a minute + difference between my time and the server time.  I syncronized the workstation time with 'Official US Time' and with the server time (as close as I could get).

Anyway, it appears that (as far as I can tell) everything is happening within a few seconds now. Could have been issues with bandwidth, caching, etc... but I'm happy with the results.
It does seem that using JavaScript functions to do the refresh did get rid of 404 errors I was getting when just using http-equiv to do the refresh. I was getting 404 error a lot before, now not any - knock on wood...

I have set my frequency to 300 (5mins) for the upload & refresh for now.
Once I figure out the best motion settings I'll probably change times around.
Thanks STeven

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em think...

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