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Multiple Variables Request
Hi Can you outline the format of a single request for multiple variables? I would like to ge...
17 year 4 4169
Feature Request - Nubotics Wheel Commander
Hi, It is my request that an interface to the Nubotics Wheel Commander WC-132 be please introduced....
14 year 4 4166
GPS Module crashing
Hello Everyone, I am using the GPS module for the first time and it seems to crash when I tell it w...
11 year 18 4162
SRV-1b laser control
Has anyone been using laser control in the SRV-1b module (RR version 2.2.12)?  I created a laser variable and can togg...
14 year 7 4161
Hi I have another question: I use set_variables to set variable "command" of value "Pose 1" (which is from lynxmotion_seq in...
14 year 8 4158
rr not working w/ camera, can't see!!!!!!
I put RR on an old P3(win xp pro) w/ camera software. can't view image in RR or camera software. when I remote desktop I can se...
14 year 6 4158
Floor Finder tweaking
I've been working on several techniques to enable my Rovio to wander around my cluttered basement.  I am having troub...
13 year 5 4151
Servo Reversing
Hi there, I just hooked up an SSC 32 servo controller board. seems to be working well.
13 year 5 4145
Color threshold
Hi! I noticed that when I am using Color_threshold modul the results are allways "Fore Masked" wh...
13 year 6 4138
Controlling anoteher pc via USB
Hello, i am looking for a way to control another pc via USB, a bit like the pc with roborealm was a USB keyboard....
13 year 2 4134
No Title
this is a vi that can be used to get variables from rr. attention:first run rr api server!...
14 year 7 4130
Problem with setting variables
Hello! Im using RoboRealm to play tictactoe versus my robotic arm. I use a webcam to watch the board. This image is then convert...
14 year 5 4130
RoboRealm and MSRS 1.5 VPL
Hi, I am a newbie to RoboRealm and I saw the guidelines for connecting RoboRealm with MSRS...
16 year 8 4126
Blob counting
So I have my footage that is tracking movement to produce blobs. I then track the blobs giving them an ID. And finally have a bl...
11 year 2 4124
Tiff Format Issue
The image files are not going through.  Is there an email I could send samples to.
17 year 6 4120
Measuring angle of a tag in an image
This project is concerned with measuring the angle that a white tag lies in an image. An example of what the image will look lik...
14 year 3 4114
communicating to nxt over usb, and variables?
hey again, my bot is stationary, I would like to use usb, but I also have a program running on my nxt that controls precise moto...
15 year 11 4110
I'm trying to get the Hauppauge PVR-150, which is a very popular card, to work with RoboRealm, but nothing's showing o...
16 year 7 4110
ssc control
I'm having trouble with the latest version of Roborealm connecting to my ssc II servo board......it works fine on the v...
17 year 3 4109
CCD camera and 4 channel Usb DVR
Hello everybody, I seen this program on the internet and thought I would give it a shot.
13 year 4 4101

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