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Working RoboRealm & Webcam in Ubuntu!
Here it is folks: RoboRealm running in Ubuntu and Wine with a working webcam. I forgot that the most obvious thing to do for Web...
15 year 3 3973
Variables don't change for motors?
I'm trying to get my robot to change motor values via voice command. But its not working. The sabe...
15 year 2 3968
Object tracking With parallax servo controller
Hi there i hope people will be able to help me, i am using roborealm with a usb camera to track peopls hands/heads as they cross...
14 year 2 3965
Mosaic Function
Steve, The 240x180 Image Size for Mosaic doesn't appear to show images properly - there is some ty...
13 year 9 3958
Lynxmotion loses communication with roborealm
I'm having an issue with the lynxmotion SSC. It's been working for a while, but this evening when I powered up my robot, the l...
14 year 4 3953
Trendnet Camera and KWorld Video Capture
I have a Trendnet camera http://www.trendnet.co...
16 year 9 3949
Trouble updating LASER_POINTS position
The goal of this code is to get the coordinates represented by COG_X and COG_Y which represent a moving person and get the coord...
13 year 3 3947
Can you track these balls?
I'm new to Roborealm, and I'm learning all the modules and how to apply each module in each situation.
15 year 5 3945
RobotC firmware support in LEGO NXT Module
     Hello that so, a greeting for all the users of RoboRealm, only I wanted to raise...
17 year 1 3941
how to connect roborealm to c++?
How can I connect wireless to C++ using Roborealm. I'm goona display the view from the wireless camera on the GUI of C++. I hop...
15 year 11 3939
VBScript Byte Variable
The code won't run if I put Dim name As Byte to declare a var...
16 year 3 3938
How to Unwarp Image
I want to unwarp my images with "Intrinsic and Extrinsic Parameters", which are obtained from "Automatic Image Calibration" with...
7 year 10 3928
Identifying X and Y COG serial data of two objects
So far, I have been tracking one object by color. I have been using the variables COG_X and COG_Y for the coordinates of this un...
11 year 10 3927
lane detecting
Please Any can suggest me to do the lane detection like the picture which I attached. and How can I detect the broken line in th...
13 year 2 3921
Define angle with small soccer plates
Hi, can we find the angle between colors used on plates in small soccer leagues? thanks...
14 year 6 3920
I remembered I have a lego spybotics set lying in my basement and was wondering if it is possible to control it with Rob...
17 year 6 3919
Hello, i have roborealm 2.37.3 and roomba 535 US model , and i control roomba with roborealm "irobot roomba controler" and it\...
13 year 5 3918
kinect color proportional to depth
> I need a software/code that allows kinect to display > black and white contrast levels proportional
11 year 2 3916
Defect Detection of No. Plate
Hi, I am a new user of RoboRealm. It's really a fantastic software. Currently, I'm trying to use...
11 year 7 3912
Virtual Camera
Steve, How hard would it be to improve the Virtual Camera so that it can pipe the image to multiple...
15 year 8 3906

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