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AVR Navigator
Does the body inertia setting of the AVM Navigator module ramp the movement variables up and down? I'm worried that giving a si...
13 year 8 3830
Offline Documentation
Roborealm is well documented but only online. In developing countries like India we don't have access to the net all th...
17 year 3 3828
IDE for VBScript? Anything But Notepad?!
Does anyone know of a good IDE for VBScript? I couldn't find one in a few minutes of Googling, an...
15 year 4 3823
Defect detecting in weldings
Steven, I have been testing the software, and it looks that covers my needs.
13 year 6 3822
I am trying to implement Obstacle Avoidance module of robo realm  in Matlab.I  successfully completed &...
14 year 4 3818
Cropping using variables
I think there maybe a problem when cropping an image using variables generated from point location(etc). If these...
15 year 11 3818
Set new destination during runtime
Hello, Please find the robo file, for which i have two questions: 1) w...
15 year 6 3818
Python 32 bit DLL on Win 7 ia64
Got the missing "phython30" (sic) dll error message, but cannot resolve by installing 32-bit python, not even with python 3.0...
11 year 5 3817
Keyboard control over Lego Mindstorms
ok my goal was to control only one motor of my RCX robot using my keyboard, were when i press my left arrow key it supposed to m...
16 year 0 3816
xy table
Hi Everyone- Well, I'm brand new to the forum, so please bear with me......What I'm trying to do is this: I am in manufacturing,...
9 year 5 3813
Hi everybody, I'm trying to connect Wifibot (http://www.net-rob.com/page3.php) to Roborealm .The general idea is follow curtain...
14 year 13 3813
COG of detected circles
I was wondering if there was a way to find the center of gravity of individual circles in an image. Here is my circle de...
17 year 4 3813
fire fighting robot
Hi guys I would like to say that this software is just fantastic.I would like to thank all those who direc...
17 year 2 3809
HTTP Read module, Image format
Which image formats does the HTTP Read module handle? Roborealm crashes with my custom image server that serves GI...
12 year 8 3809
Separating the object or pores
Hello, I am working to characterize a porous media and I want to identify each pore (object) indivi...
12 year 7 3808
I have a question regarding IMAGE_TIME. I am currently working on a project for school and using a variety of methods to try and...
15 year 7 3805
Lego_NXT module
With the new EV3 out, I now have a Lego NXT that can be repurposed.  So I built a Lego robot arm with it.  T...
9 year 32 3801
Ai Ball WiFi Camera
Steven, Do you think Roborealm supports this miniature Wifi camera called the Ai Ball below?
11 year 3 3800
traffic light detection
hi everyone, i want to use webcam to  detect the green light, yellow light, red light and then give the...
9 year 9 3795
Help using Wireless camera
Hello, I would like to know how can i view my D-Link DCS 2120 through roborealm. I can view at web...
15 year 6 3793

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