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Will this SSC controller http://roborealm.com/help/SSC.php
17 year 2 3662
Keyboad send
Hello, I´m sending caps lock. But how can i send it only once? At the moment it is going on and off,...
15 year 2 3662
Training object background
Hello I found this sentence in documentation: "Note, it is always best just to include the object to be identifie...
11 year 6 3662
Fiducial Orientation.
Hi, We are testing RR (v 2.50.31) for fiducial recognition and we have a problem with the Orientati...
11 year 5 3660
Mindstorm project
  I have to program a robot for my final year project. I am using the Nxt kit and with a camera. I will not be...
16 year 9 3659
Two Cameras and Optical Flow module?
I'm considering playing with two cameras instead of one on a new robot project. But it seems like the way roborealm is set up c...
14 year 5 3655
Path planning next waypoint distance
Hello STeven, I have replicated the path planning tutorial and works perfectly, but i desire to imp...
13 year 3 3655
No Title
So I have been slowly working through the propeller labs.  Taking a small baby step, I am trying to get robore...
17 year 2 3649
Roomba distance
Hello, there is some variable like "distance" ,or "request velocity" in the roomba module, can you explain how to use it ple...
13 year 2 3643
defect detection
can you tell me how to find defect in component using rooborealm?   say a assembled product is coming in conveyor belt...
15 year 2 3643
time module
hi! RR havnt a a time module! it show time  of ruuning commands,but it can not show time o...
15 year 4 3642
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25
This is a multi part question. I apologize if this is not in the right spot. I want to build a "telepresence" Rover using a Sabe...
9 year 11 3640
Propeller Servo Controller USB
is there someone who can confirm that this, Propeller Servo Controller USB is compatible with roborealm?
12 year 3 3637
Dear Sir, I use the SRV1 blackfin with two servos connected to TMR6 and TMR7. Using PicoC compiler I...
14 year 1 3636
Bug in new Angle Filter in Hough Module?
Hello, I was trying out the new Angle Filter function in the Hough Transform module and either I do...
14 year 3 3634
Multiple SSC-32 modules in
I’m currently working on a project that would require 100+ servos (a lot I know!!!) and was wondering if it was possible to use...
12 year 4 3632
Tracking 3 colors
I want to track a shirt that I made with 3 distinct colors on it. Red, Blue, and green. You helped me with this about a year ago...
13 year 7 3632
Bug in Path Planning
Hi Steven, There seems to be a bug in the path planning module. If I use the path planning tutorial...
15 year 7 3631
Hi Is it possible to use button control interface to control LED, like swith on and off. Example I create 2 butto...
12 year 11 3631
serial communication code
I am trying to control a Pelco D protocol PTZ camera using rs-232 to 485 convertor and the serial module found in roborealm.
9 year 4 3627

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