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Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Webcam
I have the Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Webcam and the RoboRealm software does not seem to recognize the camera.  ...
17 year 3 3791
boe bot serial connection
i am trying to get robot relm to control the boe bot through the usb connection i changed the rx to a value of 16 and i cant see...
12 year 10 3774
Optical Flow Module hanging RoboRealm 2.14.1
Hi STeven, I'm getting consistent locking up in RR 2.14.1 when using the Optical_Flow module. ...
14 year 5 3773
overlay bmp
I look for it but apparently there is no way to overlay a image (bmp, jpg, marker) in a set XY from a variable (like a cog/blob...
15 year 3 3771
web control of usb missile lancher
what would be involved in getting the usb missile launcher to be controlled from a web page remotely.  
17 year 4 3768
No Title
Hi, when i read the turorial to orienting the lego roverbot, in the page 4, i donĀ“t known when put the VBscript.
17 year 3 3765
"Mouse" example not working
Hey there, I recently downloaded RoboRealm 2.37, and I was trying to use the "Mouse_example1" pro...
12 year 5 3764
Pause Function in VbScript
Hey I am wondering if anyone knows how to pause using VbScript? I need to pause between servo movements using Sparkfun Arduino a...
13 year 2 3763
Real-time image enhancement with RR?
This might be a bit off topic, but I was wondering if RoboRealm might be used for something like "real-time image enhancement"...
14 year 3 3759
ETA on stereo processing
Hello, I just stumbled upon this project and have a couple questions.  About how...
17 year 6 3753
Geometric Statistics Problem
Hi Steven and Prof Mason,     Thanks for ur help in my last post about marker p...
15 year 3 3752
Startup Troubles
Hi, I have made a robot using Roborealm, and saved the file that I require as a .robo file. Now when I startup the compu...
16 year 22 3752
Kinect IR 320x240
I've been using Roborealm with the Kinect for object recognition. I've been using the IR function fine, but I have it hooked u...
11 year 6 3748
Feature Request - GUI slider?
Any plans to add a "slider" type GUI element (for adjusting variable values, etc.)?...
15 year 4 3745
Communicating from roborealm to arduino
Hi Everyone I have started with a new project called vision based mobile robot for obstacle avoidance and path fol...
12 year 3 3739
Arduiino module problem
I'm trying to do a  basic program where I use the Arduino module to control 2 motors (forward and back) and a tilt on...
11 year 12 3735
Array Help
In the VBScript section I retrieved the array that was created by the circles filter, but i am stuck on how to find out...
16 year 19 3731
Any recommendations for wireless webcams?
Hi, Firstly, apologies for the newbie question, I'm very new to RoboRealm and have never u...
16 year 5 3731
RGB Filter
Is there a way to turn one RGB filter on and turn another off?...
11 year 4 3729
Use voice commands to control roborealm
I am trying to use voice commands to control RoboRealm with the API program. For example, if the user of my project says "Turn...
14 year 2 3725

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