GigE Point Grey Blackfly in external trigger mode
Davor from Croatia  [1 posts]
8 year
Hi Steven,

I'm having trouble with GigE  Ptgrey BFLY-PGE-50S5M camera.
I would like to take photos triggered from an infrared sensor.
The system would inspect ampoules placed horizontally and they are moving on a conveyor. Camera takes photos from above. Ampoules move a step about every second.

I would like to have constant exposure time so that the images are always similar. With the Flycap2 software from Point Gray I can turn on external trigger in mode 14, which works perfectly. I then save settings and start roborealm, but i'ts not working. Brightness is always changing. I think it changes to mode 0 automatically.

Also, when the camera is in continuous mode i can explore Genicam menus and change parameters. In trigger mode, everything freezes, access to the menus is extremley slow and I cannot change anything.

Please help,

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

That's not surprising that the settings will change ... the FlyCapture is accessing the camera directly (we think) but you are most likely using DirectX to access the camera via RR which typically will reset the settings. What you can try is to add the Camera Properties module and set the exposure using that. At least then whenever the robofile is run it will set the exposure to the same as before.

We have yet to create a direct interface to Point Grey cameras. Maybe one day Point Grey can loan us some to test that out!

The freezing of the application is also expected since RR is driven mainly by a image capture. When the image capture is delayed via a trigger the app will become very unresponsive since everything is timed around that processing of the image. Whenever you execute a command either via the API or using the GUI those commands are interlaced inbetween image captures and processing ... which is why the interface appears frozen if the image capture is not fast enough. This was by design as the 'normal' operational mode of RR is processing image and NOT to constantly respond to GUI buttons/etc. Ie once you have the system setup, its all about processing images again and again quickly and efficiently.

What you can do to work around this when you are working on the app is to change the Options button->Other tab->Min Processing FPS which for any non-zero number will force the pipeline to execute at that frequency (try 5) which means if an image is not captured in time it will just use the previous one and execute the pipeline ... which will then respond to your commands.

The apps premise is that with no new images there is no need to process the pipeline ... which is normally true.


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