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Hi guys
I would like to say that this software is just fantastic.I would like to thank all those who direclty or indirectly contributed to the conception of this software.It has provided me with a great boost for my final year project.
I am actually building a fire fighting robot for my final year project[Mechatronics L4] and I am using a vision system for flame detection.
I bought a Cmos camera and interfaced it with the Zoltrix TV tuner and it worked.
I am simulating the flame with a bundle of candlelight.The robot has to browse  the room for the flame and moves towards it to eventually extinguish the flame with a small water pump, usually used for cars.
With the help of Roborealm software, I have tried to extract the flame from the background using the log transform followed by a color threshold.
My qerries are:
Once I have performed the image recognition tasK,how do I send a bit through the parallel port?
I would like to mention that once the bit is set through the port, the PIC16F877a microcontroller will send the control signals to the robot via RF[tws/rws 434]. On the robot there's another PIC with the RF receiver to control the motors.
I am quite conversant with VB6.0 but dnt understand this concept of VBScript.
Can somebody in the room help me out!
I will try to include some pictures nxt time.
Once again, a million thx to those who shared this software on the web.
Parallel Port
17 year

That sounds like a great project!

Have you looked at the parallel port module? It should be what you need. Basically you need  a variable that changes when you have detected the flame. For example your pipeline could include

Set detected_var = 0
if COG_BOX_SIZE > 100
  Set detected_var = 1

using the set_variable and if_statement modules. Note that we reset the detected_var variable to 0 in case the box_size falls below 100 and you want to switch the variable flag off. Note that this assumes a COG module somewhere before this to create the COG_BOX_SIZE variable. This is just an example and may not correlate to how you are detecting the flame.

After this code you would add in the Parallel Port module (under the Control subtree) and set the variable dropdown next to Pin 2 to "detected_var" and then set the Bit dropdown to 1 (since we use value 0 or 1 for the variable value it is bit #1 that toggles). This will then transmit a 1 on pin2 of the parallel port when bit one of variable detected_var is set to 1. (be sure to set the correct LPT port too .. .note the address mapping issues may not make LPT1 your LPT1 so experiment with the other settings and see if they work).

Hopefully this helps explain how to setup the parallel port. Note that we did not use the VBScript module for the if statement but you could instead of using the modules.

And thanks for the compliments! They are always welcome and we never get enough!


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