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Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts]
14 year
I look for it but apparently there is no way to overlay a image (bmp, jpg, marker) in a set XY from a variable (like a cog/blob xy).

The display image can show markers but not bmp's and the X Y don't allow variables.

And i even need a orientation variable for the picture.

Is there any way atm?
Anonymous 14 year

Have a look at


Basically you put [x] and [y] into where you would type the numbers for the X Y location (i.e. select that radio button and type in [x] and [y] assuming that x and y contain the location to place the image).

Anonymous 14 year

If you grab the latest copy of RR you will see the rotation interface in the Display Image module. This also accepts [variable] to rotate the image in the Z plane.


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