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evan from Australia  [4 posts]
14 year
Hi! as I understand it the "display image" module displays an image over a webcam. I've tried that with a mask but can't get much further than that. My goal is to load an image like a pair of lungs (with transparency), have a student wear a red necklace infront of the camera and have the picture of lungs overaly their chest and track their movement (and repeat for heart/stomach etc). I have tracked a red ball before but have no idea how to turn those coordinates into moving a picture (with transparency). Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks, Evs.
evan from Australia  [4 posts] 14 year
Well after a little fiddling i've gotten this far (see attached). My problem is with the display_image module - for the x and y values I've put the variables cog_x and cog_y but i guess they don't work there. The image just stays in the bottom left corner. Anyone have any ideas? I just need an image to follow some x,y coordinates. Maybe I need some vbscript in there
Thanks, Evs


evan from Australia  [4 posts] 14 year
nevermind - just forummed around a bit more and realised i needed some square brackets around my variable names in the image display module.
I think its only a few simple steps now to when i'm done. The final result should be a loop animation of lungs (showing oxygen/CO2 flow) as well as some other organs - I'll post it when I'm done. Evs
Anonymous 14 year

Nice idea! Yes, you will need [ ] around variables in some modules. In the ones that do not have a dropdown to select variables they may understand the [ ] notation. If not let us know and we can quickly update that module.


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