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Multiple Measurements
So I think this is probably possible with this software (just started playing with the demo of it, so far it's impressive!).
4 days 1 53
Roborealm on Raspberry PI
Will Roborealm run on a Raspberry PI 2 if the RP2 is running Windows 10 IOT edition?...
4 days 2 71
Servo AX dynamixel is not moving
Hi Steven, Currently, I have problem in connecting AX 12 Dynamixel servo. The servo is being recog...
5 days 2 79
Isolating Targets
Hello again, I have a .robo file similar to the tutorials for targeting and tracking and have attac...
7 days 5 154
Hi STeve - How can I change the active tab from
7 days 4 157
Laser 3D scanner for crop using RR
Hello there Do we have any module which allow me to to create a map of crop field with XY and Z axis? I want to us...
7 days 2 153
Barcode reader
i don't find the Modul Barcode Reader in my installed roborealm. What can I do ? Where can I find it and how can I...
7 days 2 100
How to make this, please help
Hi everyone. Im looking for the best, fastest way to achieve this. I ...
8 days 4 134
AVM Navigator
Hello, i wonder if AVM Navigator is no more being updated. This plugin would be the main reason for me to use RR...
9 days 3 128
Image Matching
I'm running the commercial version 2.79.18 and am working with image matching. There is a check box...
9 days 2 113
Image Compare
Steven, I thought Image Matching was going to work for me - but it does not.  I was tryin...
9 days 2 116
REgarding camera resoltuion
Sir, i am working on a project of autonomous rc car and i am using image processing for it.but on my screen i am getting a resol...
10 days 2 111
Regarding Color Identification
I am new to Robo Realm and i am quite impressed with it. I need help in only identifying the red and green color(for traffic sig...
10 days 2 126
Image Matching
Hi Steven, I am getting a better handle on image matching.  What I am doing is using the ...
12 days 1 94
Applying Green Fileter
Hello, We are trying to apply a Green Filter. After we change the pixels we don't see that reflected in the image....
15 days 2 209
How do I tell Roborealm the path to Python Modules?
Hello! To aid in debugging our code for this year's challenge I was hoping to write variables to an...
15 days 5 214
Tracking people by clothing
Am experimenting with tracking people by clothing. This seems fairly simple if the person is wearing something with solid bright...
17 days 3 204
Distance and Angle Measurements
We are trying to figure out the best way to measure the distance from the camera to the object being inspected, as well as the p...
19 days 2 269
Targeting system
I have a target that I need to have my robot shoot a ball into. The target has a U shape of retro-reflective tape under it. I wa...
20 days 4 295
Trying to quantify weeds out of field crop
Hello there I am trying to quantify weed population  in field. First image is raw image and second one i...
20 days 2 252

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