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Detecting Peaks from Kinect Depth Map
Hi there, I'm trying to count kiwifruit as they move past on a conveyor belt. I had a bit of succes...
4 days 3 54
Old snapshot showing up
I am processing images from two cameras, and generally finding the response super slow - kind of like the script is preoccupied ...
9 days 13 107
USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
9 days 3 72
roborealm with interactive cinemas
hi STeve i am working on a simulator and i ask if i can use roborealm as interface software between what is displ...
9 days 2 47
How to create program file (.exe) fram .robo file
Hi, I am still new with this roborealm software. This is a great software. May i know if the .robo ...
12 days 2 68
Button toggle groups
Running ver. 2.67.6 I am having trouble with a button interface toggle group of 8 option buttons th...
13 days 2 59
VBscript help needed for Blob area/size comparision
Steven Here is the situation. I have installed camera on tripod at certain foxed height. Taking picture of certain...
14 days 2 82
2D code read
Hello I have a problem with reading 2D code. I have a few 2d codes as in the picture. ...
15 days 4 106
PS3 Eye frame rate
Hi. I had used PS3 Eye for RR application. When I not RUN the RR program, the camera frame rate becomes 60Fps. However, when I r...
17 days 6 89
2D tracking
Is there a tutorial on how to calibrate the camera for 2d tracking? How do I deal with the distortion as things move away from t...
18 days 4 328
camera recognition
I am using Roborelam software to detect dead embryos which are black in color. RGB filter is used in this case. I am using 3 dif...
18 days 2 83
about the RPLIDAR
will it work with the neato lidar since its almost the same one or will you make a interface for it...
21 days 4 186
Recognition Barcode and OCR only works if run roborealm as Administrator
Recognition Barcode and OCR only works if run roborealm as Administrator...
24 days 3 91
watch variables
I'm spending most of everyday working with RR, and quite getting used to it, but one feature would be really han...
25 days 9 379
Connection from Android phones
STeven, trying to look for next steps in my Sudoku application, I am looking for ways of transmitti...
27 days 1 76
Python in camera mode
STeven, the attached program works with multiple images from file. If ...
28 days 3 106
Roborelam COG not appear
Hi Steven. I had problem with new installed Roborealm on my Asus PC using Windows 8.1. When I try ...
29 days 2 92
barcode length
Hi STeven I was trying out the barcode module, printing codes and reading them. I fi...
1 month 3 87
Calculating distance between two blob COGs
I am trying to measure distance [in pixels is fine] between two blobs.  I can see that there is a COG_X(0) and COG_X(1...
1 month 2 110
Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture)
Hello Steven - this is my restated posting with a picture attached.... The blue ball is datum. ...
1 month 2 107

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