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Variables, Auto-Play, Save of Shape-Match Train
Hello, i bought Roborealm today and I have similar problems... :) Firs...
1 hour 3 47
RoboRio Port Info
Hi STeven, Here is information on the ports used by the roboRio, using the HTTP_read with a USB cam...
5 hours 17 190
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable
Hello There seems to be a bug in the OSC_Send variable module. Im using it together w...
23 hours 11 127
GetVariable("BLOB_COUNT") returns null
Hi, I am trying to use BLOB_COUNT with filters to check that there is nothing of a certain colour, ...
Yesterday 2 36
sub-pixel alignment in 'noisy' lighting
This software is fantastic! Attached are two images.  One is the raw front image, and the...
4 days 6 140
Failing to pause pipeline after waiting 10 seconds...
Hi, I have written a c# application that is based on the c# sample app that uses sockets to communi...
4 days 4 66
Hi everyone , Thanks for reading my post. I have got full edition of roborealm, i have got roboreal...
5 days 1 37
VB script power NXT
Hello, We are working on a robot keeper that stops a ball rolling down a hill. We are...
6 days 2 55
Detecting Peaks from Kinect Depth Map
Hi there, I'm trying to count kiwifruit as they move past on a conveyor belt. I had a bit of succes...
6 days 6 201
Ollie by Orbotix
Hey Guys, I was wondering if a module that controls the ollie robot by orbit may be possible to mak...
9 days 4 77
External camera feed
Hi STeven, Was not able to continue from the previous post as it does not show in the forums. ...
9 days 2 75
Fill circle
Hi STeven I often need to mask off areas when using the Blob_filter. It takes ages t...
19 days 3 116
Automated archery scoring
Hi to all Back again with this project to automatically score an arrow hitting the target. Have bee...
1 year 3 162
Old snapshot showing up
I am processing images from two cameras, and generally finding the response super slow - kind of like the script is preoccupied ...
1 year 13 216
USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
1 year 3 181
roborealm with interactive cinemas
hi STeve i am working on a simulator and i ask if i can use roborealm as interface software between what is displ...
1 year 2 129
How to create program file (.exe) fram .robo file
Hi, I am still new with this roborealm software. This is a great software. May i know if the .robo ...
1 year 2 173
Button toggle groups
Running ver. 2.67.6 I am having trouble with a button interface toggle group of 8 option buttons th...
1 year 2 136
VBscript help needed for Blob area/size comparision
Steven Here is the situation. I have installed camera on tripod at certain foxed height. Taking picture of certain...
1 year 2 179
2D code read
Hello I have a problem with reading 2D code. I have a few 2d codes as in the picture. ...
1 year 4 180

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