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Edge probe issues
Hi! I'm having some issues with the edge probe module. I have three sequential probes (with differ...
3 hours 9 149
Not a JPEG error when using read_HTTP module
When using the read_HTTP module to pull an image from a URL generated by EZ-Robots's EZ-Builder software I get a "Return Image...
6 hours 20 339
OPC server
Can RR communicate through an OPC bridge ? A customer has a vision system using Ni Vision builder. ...
19 hours 4 99
Blobs: Perimeter/area and blob size
Hi, I notice that the weights generated from perimeter/area and from area/perimeter change with the size of the blob as much as ...
Yesterday 2 268
Detection and measurement of parked cars
Hello everybody, I tried roborealm months ago, but I didn't really take the necessary time to fini...
Yesterday 3 381
Hi, I am trying to get Roborealm  to communicate to Mach3  running on the same computer(passin...
Yesterday 17 160
color detection program
Hi steven, I'm doing an exact project as in this link (
Yesterday 2 205
Barcode orientation
Hi STeven, Every thing is working real well for decoding the 2d matrix codes.  I'm about...
4 days 3 37
ini file
Hi STeven, How does one create an ini file to be called when starting RR.  In the API doc...
5 days 4 40
about the RPLIDAR
will it work with the neato lidar since its almost the same one or will you make a interface for it...
5 days 2 34
Lego_NXT module
With the new EV3 out, I now have a Lego NXT that can be repurposed.  So I built a Lego robot arm with it.  T...
7 days 6 111
Multiple Images - then proccessing
Hi RR-team, I'm close to being entirely happy - just one problem remains unsolved - yet.
8 days 2 193
Hi, Can someone please send me an example of using the OCR module in roborealm...I tried playing ar...
8 days 17 162
Barcode decode anomaly
Hi STeven, I'm seeing something when using the barcode decode module.  What I have is an...
8 days 15 158
2d decode
Hi STeven, Things have been working well with the 2d matrix decode module.  Just got a ne...
8 days 2 47
Set Frame Rate
Is there a way to set the frame rate to be a constant value.  Either application wide or as a feature of the Distribut...
12 days 4 63
Crash report on startup
Hi STeven, The message to send a crash report happens every time I open RR.  I have selec...
12 days 2 54
getVariables error
I've noted the following problem when I request a variable using the API in C#, but the problem applies to the API in general. ...
13 days 4 81
People tracking in street within zones
I want to do some people tracking on a publicly available webcam. If people walk in certain areas I want Roborealm to send a key...
14 days 1 62
Email Module MAPI
Hello, I'm trying to setup a simple program to e-mail an image using the MAPI feature in the email...
17 days 2 230

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