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document processing
I have a document and need to read out the corssed rectangles. How can i do that?...
19 hours 4 37
Bug in Python 2.x Module
STeven, if you run the above script, open the Python module and try to pull down the slider on the ...
Yesterday 7 54
Permanent Crash reports
With version .21 I get a crash report now each time I start the program. I have stopped sending these now.
Yesterday 3 24
Repeaded double click on module does not open window
STeven, (I have tested this with our 3 line program.robo from the OCR thread, but should work with ...
Yesterday 3 24
Is there a way to merge RoboRealm scripts?
STeven, Have found nothing in the FAQ, in those parts of the docu where I looked and on search resu...
Yesterday 5 47
Speed Trap Application
Itís been a while since I have played with RR.   My family and I relocated from Chicago to Atlanta and that pretty muc...
Yesterday 4 37
OCR database creation
STeven, I am not sure that I have understood the concept of OCR database creation and modification ...
2 days 9 86
One last bug for today ;-)
STeven, one last crash for today with the Python module. Program runs with a=19 and crashes with a ...
2 days 3 47
camera choice
Has anyone used this camera with RR? I see it has auto-focus, which might be a probl...
2 days 2 44
Help button in module shape matching not linked
should land here:
4 days 1 24
watch variables
I'm spending most of everyday working with RR, and quite getting used to it, but one feature would be really han...
4 days 2 223
Multiple Running Instances
Hello STeven, I'm not able run second copy of RR on my desktop. Checkbox in Option/Application for ...
5 days 3 45
Add grainy look to image
We emulate a dust storm on Mars and would like to add a grainy look to an image.  Something similar to doing the rever...
5 days 4 62
Bug in Python 2.x script implementation?
Hi Steve, not sure whether this is a bug or a feature, example attached: If you print a very long s...
5 days 4 64
temperature sensor
First time user, really newb question. I currently setting up an HVAC system, im trying to convert temperature sensor info. I ha...
5 days 2 37
Roborealm for counting
Hello! I'd like to know, is it possible with your software to count the quantity of pieces from those kind of images as attache...
6 days 5 360
Another way to crash Python 2.x script implementation?
In python, it is possible to create lists with mixed types (int, str), but I think  trying to transfer such a with rr....
10 days 3 72
EZB_Variables broken
STeven It seems since the latest version of EZ-Builder the EZB_Variables module no longer sends var...
11 days 7 109
Getting started
Please ignore that I have selected "hand gestures". There is no option available for the simple problem I cannot solve.
12 days 3 76
Serial Module skips/sends/returns wrong data
Greetings STeven! Thank you for this impressive software. I am trying to identify and sort various ...
12 days 4 105

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