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Kinect Depth Image
I have an original Kinect that I'm using with a Dell Latitude i5 Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I've followed the instructions for ins...
4 hours 2 21
Socket Server
Hi Steven. I tried to connect my PIC32 (Via Ethernet Controller) with RR using socket server. I managed to get the...
20 hours 6 85
navigation by computer vision
am writing a simple vbscript for navigation of car by computer vision ie. image processing i want to send serial c...
21 hours 15 301
C# Sample Project
Has anyone created a simple C# Form Application for RGB Filter? Not really able to follow the sample project that I downloaded a...
Yesterday 1 17
Using variables in Colorize module
Is it possible to use a variable in the value field of the Colorize module? Thanks....
2 days 2 26
AVM_obj recognation issue
Hi Steven ,     I am using avm_navigator for recognize objects which flowing in...
2 days 2 29
Roborealm Crashes without reason
Hello Steven, I have some problems with my Roborealm, it always crashes after working some minutes. I logged detai...
2 days 5 47
Test Module
(Sorry, this belongs to test module, but I cannot select it, therefore the post will probably not show up there. No posts there ...
3 days 1 21
gps devices
hi steven .. i wanted to know the gps devices which would be highly compatible wid the gps module in RR .
5 days 2 40
Find circle shapes
Any idea how to find circle shapes in image [Circle detect 01.jpg]. There should be 3 circles [Circle detect 02.jpg]....
5 days 9 105
Read Inputs using Arduino Mega Module
I was under the impression that if you want to read the state of a digital pin (for example Pin 51) using the Arduino Mega modul...
6 days 2 63
PTZ Foscam Object/ Motion tracking.
I am attempting to get a Foscam Ip camera (F18910W) with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) to pan and tilt to follow an object or movement. So...
6 days 2 57
SHAPES array
When using the Shape matching module, is it possible to access the variables stored in the array with modules other than the VBS...
7 days 2 68
Webcam suggestions
Currently I'm using a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p for a simple vision application. However, it do...
12 days 2 77
some modules (VBScript) are not executed
When I run RoboRealm it automatically loads predefined program (RoboFile). Then I press RUN. Usually it works just as expected. ...
17 days 3 113
Can Roborealm get screen images from a different program running?
Where I work we have an older wave meter (measures the exact wavelength of light) that has no way to communicate the results exc...
21 days 3 91
Detecting Thick Line Intersections
New to RoboRealm! Looks like a great tool so far. Any suggestions to detect the points that roads i...
26 days 1 125
Arduino Mega-Roborealm Serial Timing Question
I am currently working on a telepresence robot using Roborealm.   From a remote computer, I am able to login to the ro...
26 days 2 108
kinect 360 on windows8.1
Hello, I have tried tons of drivers around the web! anyone know which driver I need to instal to have kinect 360 w...
26 days 2 143
Keyboard Shortcuts
I find some of the RR keyboard shortcuts on the main interface quite useful, but to me there appears to be a conflict. Pressing ...
27 days 1 106

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