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displaying a number
Hi Steven I want to display a number variable, huge, on the screen, pretty much like a voltmeter. <...
19 days 2 45
3 camera output on single screen
In my application, I am using 3 camera. I need three camera windows open simultaneously.
24 days 3 78
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting
In GeniCam module, I can not set area scan larger than 500 x 500. I am using Basler ACA2440-20GC&n...
29 days 11 174
Basler USB3 camera setup
I am struggling to setup Basler ACA2440-35UC camera with roborealm. Any help?...
1 month 3 71
I have a problem using color correction function
Hi. I have a problem using color correction function. I want to set all the colors of the color sam...
1 year 2 634
X Position
Hello, I have a project where I am identifying objects on a conveyor based on size and geometry. I ...
1 year 1 688
Distributor Client and Server do not maintain connection
I saw a couple of posts that described having problems with the distributor and client when using the "Request Variables" option...
1 year 1 617
Deleting a Tab
How do you delete a "tab"?...
1 year 3 814
QR Code read
I can't seem to be able to read QR Codes using roborealm, I'm adding a picture and "Barcode Reader" I enable QR Code and DataMat...
2 years 4 1025
Write Images Module and Timer Module
Hi there, I am trying to figure out a way to capture images from a video camera feed for every 5 seconds. The Write Images modul...
2 years 2 1021
Python_Program_v3x Module Not Working
Hi there, So I followed an older forum to fix my "Missing Installed Package" for Python, but I have...
2 years 2 968
How to count objects crossing a line(tripwire)
Hi Steven, I have white buttons moving on a conveyor. Im using a webcam to get the video stream, I ...
2 years 2 847
Velleman 8055
Hi STeven, yet another obstacle. I just need to flip one bit of I/O. My Velleman K8055 works with my 32 bit versio...
2 years 2 829
programmatically  change variables within a module?
Is there a way to programmatically change variables within a module? From script or through the API?...
2 years 2 816
Max Value in a array
I'm using Line profile to determine when an item crosses any part of the line. The maximum value returned used as ...
2 years 4 878
OCR Fonts
Is there a way to add more fonts into the OCR? I'm working on a new device, the numbers and letters look great, but it keeps thi...
2 years 2 876
Robustness of RR in Industrial application
I am planning to develop a machine vision application to test the light beam of automotive headlamp. This is an industrial appli...
2 years 3 1315
Is RR Idle Yet?
I'm working in vb.net. I need to know when RR is Idle (done processing the pipeline)...
2 years 3 1224
Previous versions of RR
I had a subscription to RR for several years. I have a new computer now and would like to download the last version that I subsc...
2 years 2 1114
Why the change?
STeven, Price change? Ive taken a long while since last post. I'm stil...
2 years 2 1158

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