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Another way to crash Python 2.x script implementation?
In python, it is possible to create lists with mixed types (int, str), but I think  trying to transfer such a with rr....
8 hours 2 17
Bug in Python 2.x script implementation?
Hi Steve, not sure whether this is a bug or a feature, example attached: If you print a very long s...
8 hours 2 19
EZB_Variables broken
STeven It seems since the latest version of EZ-Builder the EZB_Variables module no longer sends var...
Yesterday 7 84
Getting started
Please ignore that I have selected "hand gestures". There is no option available for the simple problem I cannot solve.
2 days 3 38
Serial Module skips/sends/returns wrong data
Greetings STeven! Thank you for this impressive software. I am trying to identify and sort various ...
2 days 4 86
How to add a red tinge to an image
Is there a module that will allow us to add a red tinge to an image.  I would like to simulate as close as possible a ...
3 days 2 34
TCP/IP Modbus Connection
Hello, I am trying to connect a Universal Robot to Roborealm through the ethernet connector which uses the TCP/IP ...
9 days 21 140
Lego_NXT module
With the new EV3 out, I now have a Lego NXT that can be repurposed.  So I built a Lego robot arm with it.  T...
10 days 31 269
Finding small objects in grass
Hi STeven, I have attached a .robo file that includes a picture of a grassy lawn with two objects s...
11 days 5 99
My nxt brick is currently running the robotC firmware on it, this is different from the nxt firmware that comes out of the box. ...
12 days 2 69
Crash Reporting on Each Startup
Whenever I open v2.67.4, I see a prompt to send a crash report, although no crash had occured.  Maybe a crash indicato...
12 days 2 58
When I try to activate the MCU module RR all but locks up.  Frame rate drops to <1 fps.  Am I doing somet...
17 days 8 418
leapmotion sensor ?
Hi all, It's suprising none have said a word on the leapmotion sensor yet in the forum !?
17 days 2 296
How to execute/run a robo file
Hello, How do I execute a"robo" file after it has been configured with different modules in the Rob...
20 days 2 87
Time with no camera
I am using RR without a camera, but in this case the IMAGE_DATETIME does not update.
21 days 8 89
how to use gpu for accelerate the recognition process
hi there do someone know a way to use gpu(videocard) for accelerating the efficiency of roborealm.i think there is a way with cu...
26 days 4 156
shape matching
Hi! In the database only 2 files. One is circle.jpg another is square.jpg. I put anything in the camera. It only match the resul...
27 days 4 189
No sensor reading from Roomba with ser2net
Ser2net don't crush anymore. I can send commands like beep, LED, motor control but I canīt get sensor readings. Ev...
27 days 2 59
EZ-Robot V4 EZ-Builder additional features
These are new features added to EZ-Builder and thus the EZ-SDK that should allow the link between RoboRealm and EZ-Builder to be...
1 month 9 140
Hi STeven I have been mulling on sending this for months now, because you I don't want to make extr...
1 month 3 100

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