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Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye
I use  The Code Laboratories Playstation Eye module to process my images but the frame rate is lower than what I can s...
4 hours 2 10
My name is Gordon Dri and I currently operate a robotics startup company that specializes in improving pet owner interactions. A...
Yesterday 1 11
color detection program
Hi steven, I'm doing an exact project as in this link (
Yesterday 1 6
Wowee Rovio Control within AVM Navigator
Hi guys, this is my first post so hopefully i'm posting in the correct area. Firstly let me set th...
6 days 1 17
which kind of camera
STeven, How are you. If I  move the camera closer to get a ...
6 days 1 7
Detection and measurement of parked cars
Hello everybody, I tried roborealm months ago, but I didn't really take the necessary time to fini...
7 days 1 22
Laser line module
Is there a way to get the laser line to detect vertical laser lines? Thanks...
8 days 2 48
hey, i am doing a project in medical image processing, the images below shows the ECG in tiff format, my aim is to extra...
10 days 4 822
Memory usage is increasing over time by switching cameras
hi: We want to buy the Roborealm for my factory,but now i have a question. We are using multiple webcams to take s...
13 days 6 239
Distance from camera using Kinect depth sensor
Hello, I have attached the image of My red ball detection program. It outputs X and Y coordinates. ...
14 days 2 105
Setup OpenCV with Windows DLL
Hello, I want to create my own Roborealm module by using a Windows DLL that has dependencies on the...
14 days 2 78
Problem with API
I updated to v2.61.18 today and there appears to be a problem with the API. When I try connect a C# application which worked per...
16 days 1 67
Multiple Code Laboratory Eye cameras not recognized in other modules.
I have two CL_eye modules running in the pipeline.  I am using the Code_Laboratories_Eye modules successfully for the ...
17 days 5 72
fracture detection
Is there any small intrument that can b used to detect fracture apart from x ray machine...
17 days 2 68
Water Motion
Hello, this is my first view here. I just want to ask if somebody know how to detect a water motion here? This might be the prob...
17 days 2 73
I'm having trouble tracking fiducials when they rotate and are not centered in the camera's view.
18 days 4 78
Area of region
I'm try to use RR to calculate the area of two round, but not exactly circular, regions in an image. By using edge dection (as ...
19 days 5 111
Is this possible? Image Data base compairison? Live Video?
I am not sure if this software will do what I need. I am making a card sorting machine. I need the software to look at a small a...
23 days 1 100
x, y coordinates for object recognition
Hello STeven, How to get X Y coordinates for multiple objects from Object Recognition. I am able to ...
24 days 2 168
STeven, I have been trying to interface RR with a Windows Kinect for some time without any success, tried your ori...
25 days 4 169

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