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Camera Properties Adjusting/Saving
I'm using USB microscope cameras for a few applications but I'm having trouble with some of the camera settings. Specifically,...
14 hours 3 33
Execute AVM roborealm on two instances
Is there any way to run AVM roborealm on two instances of roborealm with two cams?...
3 days 3 31
PIck and place
Hello, I have a Lynxmotion AL5D, managed to get it connect and working. However, now I would like it to do cool st...
3 days 3 46
Movement Tracking
I am currently in the process of creating a 'rover' robot that uses a camera to detect the movement of people, and accordingly...
3 days 2 34
Object detection, recognition and counting on measurement basis
Hi all Roboream experts, after have read many topics, I'm here just to understand better if the Ro...
3 days 2 96
Load_Image from network drive
Hi, I am using the Load_Image Module to load a series of pictures from a folder. This works great w...
3 days 2 29
AVM roborealm Object Recognition and watching mode
Is there any way to use Object Recognition and watching mode together?...
3 days 1 24
So I'm trying to make Roborealm see and interpret a chess board. Basically, I have it now to where it will see the pieces, and ...
4 days 4 101
Un-zoom view
Hello, I have been trying to see the camera view in great detail and used the zoom function to enlarge the pictur...
4 days 2 32
Basler Camera II
Hi STeven, it has been awhile.  This is a continuation from a post from last year (see post Basler Camera).  ...
6 days 8 76
Automated archery scoring
Hi everyone I am hoping the members of this forum can help me with a project i am developing for my...
7 days 14 282
Random Disconnects with Distributor Client
Hello, I have an old Roborealm code that worked correctly on Roborealm version 2.61....
8 days 2 35
Object detection and timing
I am looking at possible options for using roborealm to be installed on a stationary system attached to a camera, with the purpo...
9 days 1 47
Toshiba Encore 2 8" tablet
Microcenter currently has the Toshiba Encore 2 8" Windows 81. tablet on sale for $149 (in store only).  The specs loo...
9 days 5 66
Any update on the GigE camera support or module?...
10 days 10 253
Best method for embeding RR into another app ?
Hello, I have been evaluating RR on a customer's request and I'm having doubts it is suitable for...
14 days 3 83
Spykee arrow key control
I need help controlling my spykee with arrow keys because im trying to use AVM navigator to move it around. Im using the Erector...
21 days 15 212
PCB pads detect
My first look to this program... It is very interesting! As you suggest to post pictures in the tutorial, I send t...
22 days 3 132
Can I Import Pre-recorded Video??
Firstly, I am new to this. I am wanting to know if there is a way to import prerecorded video??
23 days 2 81
Not a JPEG error when using read_HTTP module
When using the read_HTTP module to pull an image from a URL generated by EZ-Robots's EZ-Builder software I get a "Return Image...
27 days 16 202

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