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navigation by computer vision
am writing a simple vbscript for navigation of car by computer vision ie. image processing i want to send serial c...
4 hours 8 108
RoboRealm 64 bit
Hi Steven , I used to interface Roborealm using c++ dll interface, but of the late migrated to 64 bit Compiler sui...
Yesterday 3 54
Listen to noise
HI, I am making a home automation robot. I need to set up a noise level detection. I am trying to use "Listen" com...
Yesterday 2 60
Have a problem with SetImage from Delphi. I've managed to "GetImage" from RR (here an example if an...
Yesterday 17 141
Hi Steven, I have a outdoor camera that pans quite a large area and looks for boats at anchor after...
2 days 4 33
AXIS Camera Select
I am a RR newbie trying to get off the ground and gain some experience for the next FRC season. I am trying to use RR 2.61.17 wi...
3 days 2 19
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh.
At analysis an example SwapColor.dll (also /Plugins/DLL/RRModule.sln) faced with problem. My actions: 1) Upload a ...
7 days 7 67
Sensor stream/ Compass into RR
EZ=Robot does a nice job of importing the sensor stream compass data which seems to be a very smooth and stable heading from the...
8 days 5 101
Best shape to detect upper-left corner of a table
Need to find X,Y coordinates of upper-left corner of each table in [Temporary 2.jpg]. I use Object_Recognition module -> Shap...
9 days 6 88
Area of Multiple Blobs
Hi there, Thanks for the great program you have created! I really appreciate the effort put into it. I would like ...
10 days 6 90
WaitVariable - how to use it
I wrote an application in Delphi. Application utilize Robo-Realm (see attached RRTest.Pas procedure) to analyze image (Temporary...
12 days 15 150
.robo file it loads tabs but doesn't load their contents
Dear STeven. I in a script use tabs. When I open .robo file it loads tabs but doesn't load their co...
12 days 3 62
hardware lab
program to do serial communication using usart how to transfer data from kit to pc may i have mnemon...
12 days 2 44
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo
I'm trying to use the RR Virtual cameras. After installing the drivers, I tried to display an image through the Vcam to test it....
12 days 12 123
Changes in the image
Dear STeven, I have two photos. 1.jpg - an empty table. 2.jpg - a table with a plate. As to me to f...
13 days 3 84
RR - execution flow
I've made a very simple robo file. It sets some variables and write variables content to file. It runs just one cycle. At the en...
14 days 1 56
roborealm and arduino
I have connected my arduino mega with roborealm and it suppose to control servo but it received information from roborealm but m...
16 days 2 95
GenICam XML Parse error
I'm using a 30 day trial of RR 2.76.3. I've installed the GenICam module but I'm having an error when it goes to grab frames fro...
18 days 5 227
Not saving "source" image from C#
I have the following line of code in my program: rr.SaveImage("Source", "c:\\temp\\testSource.jpg")...
18 days 3 71
Write to EXIF
Is it possible to write data from the GPS module to the EXIF file of an image being processed?...
18 days 2 148

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