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Recognition Barcode and OCR only works if run roborealm as Administrator
Recognition Barcode and OCR only works if run roborealm as Administrator...
5 hours 2 14
Connection from Android phones
STeven, trying to look for next steps in my Sudoku application, I am looking for ways of transmitti...
Yesterday 1 10
Python in camera mode
STeven, the attached program works with multiple images from file. If ...
2 days 3 48
watch variables
I'm spending most of everyday working with RR, and quite getting used to it, but one feature would be really han...
2 days 8 313
Roborelam COG not appear
Hi Steven. I had problem with new installed Roborealm on my Asus PC using Windows 8.1. When I try ...
2 days 2 25
barcode length
Hi STeven I was trying out the barcode module, printing codes and reading them. I fi...
3 days 3 35
Calculating distance between two blob COGs
I am trying to measure distance [in pixels is fine] between two blobs.  I can see that there is a COG_X(0) and COG_X(1...
5 days 2 44
Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture)
Hello Steven - this is my restated posting with a picture attached.... The blue ball is datum. ...
5 days 2 50
Robotix 2015!!!! @IIT KHARAGPUR
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2015, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 30th Janua...
8 days 1 40
Media_Reader missing functionality
Media_Reader cannot read most of my videos.  They are usually .avi or .mpg.  Sometimes Media_Reader gives an...
10 days 9 73
measuring x,y,z distance
I have a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot performing some very detailed & intricate wood-carving.  There is some error in ...
10 days 3 85
Hi STeven On my one machine, I can download the latest RR, but when I double click o...
10 days 5 71
Inconsistency with set variable
If you use the set variable module and change either the name or the value of a variable from small to capital letters, things d...
11 days 3 59
Bug in multiline cut and if statement
If you try to cut a complete if statement till its end with a multiline cut, things get messed up pretty bad....
11 days 2 49
Bug with double if creation
Ich you create two if statement directly in sequence, mark the second one and move it upwards, in walks into the first if. OK. T...
11 days 2 45
Detect whether camera is present?
STeven, is there a way to automatically detect whether any camera is present or not? ...
11 days 3 65
Counting Dices
STeven regarding your counting dice tutorial, is it possible to not only determine the overall coun...
11 days 2 57
Blob filter explanation
STeven, Two questions: * can you explain the meaning of the Object1, Object 2 tabs an...
11 days 2 57
embryo detection
Hi there, I would like to track a transparent zebrafish embryo which is not a solid material. May I...
11 days 2 61
Origin and edges
Hi STeven I've been working with the origin module quite a bit, and using those co-o...
12 days 2 63

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