3 camera output on single screen
Amardeep from United Kingdom  [2 posts]
1 month
In my application, I am using 3 camera.

I need three camera windows open simultaneously.

So user can see output of all camera on 1 screen.

Each window will display live stream from Genicam compatible camera.

Any help?

Steven from United States  [1432 posts] 1 month

There are several ways to accomplish this. The easiest is to use the Mosaic module which will allow you to select many cameras and have them all in a single image like a security camera would.


Alternatively, you can also use the Canvas module to expand the current image and then the Display_Image module to draw images into an expanded space. This is a bit more tedious but also allows for more complicated arrangement than the Mosaic module.

If you have a more specific arrangement that you need, please post it here.

Amardeep Babrah from United Kingdom  [6 posts] 1 month
Thanks for your recommendation. i will try Mosaic Module.

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