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Robot Control
How did you get the robot controlled in the tutorials by the pc? You used a vb script to do it, but how did the variable...
15 years 2 4460
Video Capture Issues
Once i click my camera on button this message appears " Only rgb24, rgb32, rgb555, yuyv, yuy2, uyvy, i420, yv12, y800...
15 years 2 3973
vbs codeing
ive had a go at makeing a motion tracking turret (and the most dangerous thing that will ever be mounted on it is a soft...
15 years 3 3939
Support for New LEGO NXT
I'm interested to control a LEGO NXT with RoboRealm. Do you have plans to support it? Behind...
15 years 2 5242
No Title
how to do parallel port in vbs format controlling any of 8ch and this error...
15 years 0 3710
Anybody home???
Hello? Hello? Hello?...
15 years 2 3589
ssc control
I'm having trouble with the latest version of Roborealm connecting to my ssc II servo board......it works fine on the v...
15 years 3 3593
Mindstorms +RR
Ive read the tutorial twice but still don't understand how it works with lego mindstorms. 1, Can you provide any more...
15 years 8 6157
Server API ?
Hello, Would happen to have any more examples of using the server API. I'm trying to talk to RR using Python....
15 years 4 3909
VB - Getting the captured image into a picture
I see how to save an image to file using VB. I don't see how to get the pixels into a picture box or image box. Can you...
15 years 2 3714
"state" variable"
in both tutorials "orienting the lego roverbot" and "adding vision to the lego nxt",  the variable "state...
15 years 4 3786
Multiple Variables Request
Hi Can you outline the format of a single request for multiple variables? I would like to ge...
15 years 4 3615
Image Issue
Hello, I have a TIFF image that consists mostly of rectangular blobs laid ou...
15 years 2 3520
Tiff Format Issue
The image files are not going through.  Is there an email I could send samples to.
15 years 6 3603
Roborealm API server
Hi, I try to communicate with the RR API server using java and a socket.
15 years 3 4513
Ceiling mounted camera
Looking for a little input. Here's what I have. A Robosapien An IR remote co...
15 years 5 4400
Vision command compatible with NXT Brick?
Vision command compatible with NXT Brick?...
15 years 4 4628
RR crash
Hi, I've just downloaded RR yesterday. Everything worked fine except when I try to control my Mindstorm....
15 years 4 3976
VB6 Frame capture
Hello, I'd like to use a VisualBasic6 Pipe extension to capture the video stream from the webcam and store each frame i...
15 years 4 8690
SimultanalusMy Program and RR
Hi, Another question ! How to use my program on my RCX2 and RR simultaneously...
15 years 3 3487

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