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change filters
Hi, well my Question how can i change the RGB(filter) from one color to other with a vb script or a visual basic program...
10 years 4 1630
Reading Variables in C#
May I ask how to read the variable via socke with C#? I tried exploring the extension package but failed to find the way...
10 years 7 5021
No Picture in the program window
Hello out there... I'm trying to use this great software with a camera connected via USB2....
10 years 4 2213
Gruzdev Feodor
sorry my bad english =) Has more recently learned about your program, it very much is pleas...
10 years 4 1909
Execute program
dear Mr Steven, 1) As u told me i create an exe file in Q-Basic and save it in desktop......and when i dou...
10 years 0 1754
Lag of the program
Hello, for capture video I use an internal tuner Pinnacle PCTV pro in options of the progr...
10 years 5 1567
Possible to use TV Tuner?
I'm having trouble getting your software to work with a Hauppage WinTV USB device. (http://www.hauppauge...
10 years 9 4333
keyboard interface
Hi  Roborealm experts, I just tried the roborealm with my Lego NXT using the 'ke...
10 years 3 2278
How to get USB missile launcher working with apache on php?
Hello, i'm absolutely useless when it comes to hosting websites but have managed to fumble my way to getting a basic ph...
10 years 3 1973
COG, overlay
Hello, in module Center of Gravity there is such function: "overlay graphics on source image"
10 years 8 2215
Output CIRCLES information on the serial port
I have a very simplistic camera setup; an image with one ball on a white paper background. Used the outline and circle d...
10 years 3 1753
bluetooth boe bot
is it possible to use Roborealm software with Parallax eb500 bluetooth module. ...
10 years 10 6331
Linking RR Variable table to VB6 Application
I currently have RR running on a laptop and have a Navigation Application written in VB running on a PC. I communicate b...
10 years 4 2528
No Forum Titles!
Hello, I was trying to read a relpy on the "Image Calibratio...
10 years 2 1651
COM not found
I'm using my laptop's wireless card to AD-HOC to a WiPort on my robot. Rather than implimenting TCP/IP d...
10 years 4 1665
Socket problem with Moment Statistics
Dear STeven   I tried connecting the socket with C#. But the socket connection ke...
10 years 5 1672
No Title
Hi, I have just purchased a Canon Minidv camcorder ZR850. I tried using it with the firewire connection bu...
10 years 3 1589
Shape matching
Hi, My Lego NXT tracks red objects and picks them up, but I want it to know if it's an obj...
10 years 4 2132
i have a problem with roborealm... i need ur help on my project. My project has two sensor a...
10 years 3 1757
Hi guys, I'm using this software to control my Lego NXT and having great fun with it. ...
10 years 6 1793

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