David E Manning from United States  [2 posts] 7 months
Can Roborealm now use multi core processors?  We need to run multi-instances and multi cameras per instance. We will be buying the industrial/commercial version. Is AMD or Intel CPU best suited?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 months

Roborealm can use multiple processors in a single pipeline (in order to speed up processing a single image frame) or simply using the underlying OS to allocate CPU across multiple running instances of Roborealm.

In your case it sounds like you need multiple instances with each instance connecting to one or more cameras. Just be sure to check the Options button->Application tab->[x] Allow Multiple Running Instances to ensure that each time you click on the Roborealm.exe application it will launch a new instance. Or just hold down the ALT key when you launch the application and that will allow a new instance. The default it to only run one instance so either of those options are needed to work around that.

Note, each instance will also statup with its last configured robo file assuming the Options button->Start tab->(x) Load Last Program is set. Or you can specify the program to load in that same dialog view. Each instance will remember its own configuration so if you run 5 instances ... close all 5 and reopen 5 they will load in the settings they had before.

We've not run any specific tests around using AMD or Intel CPUs as to which is better. Likewise, we've not had anyone comment on the difference between those two in terms of speed either. It will also largely depend on what modules you are using as to which CPU might be better.

David E Manning from United States  [2 posts] 7 months
Thank you.

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