RoboRealm TestDll
Christian SIMO from France  [3 posts]
2 year
Hi all,

In your example, "Test DLL", you wrote:
#include "RoboRealm.h" // located in roboRealm installation folder

Sorry but there is no "RoboRealm.h" file in the installation folder.

Where can I find this file ?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 2 year

If that file is not located where RoboRealm is installed you probably are using the personal version which does NOT have the ability to be controlled via the mentioned DLL. This functionality is also often called Faceless mode (ie. no interface is visible) and is only provided to commercial customers due to the advanced integration requirements. Note that you are also then missing the RoboRealm.dll file which would be required to run in faceless mode.

Alternatively, have you looked at both the API and/or Plugin interfaces? I think you may actually find those to be what you are looking to do as the faceless mode is WAY more complicated and is meant to incorporate RoboRealm at a very low level. The API and/or Plugins offer a better interface to a running RR app.

See those at


or to better understand what you may or may not need:



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