Roland from South Africa  [105 posts]
2 months
I noticed this on ver 2.76.1, then installed 2.87.30, and see that the behavior is the same.

I you start a fresh program, and look at the Watch Variables, the MOUSE_X and MOUSE_Y do not change with cursor movement.
However, if you start a 'serial' module, the values now do change.

I don't know if other modules also start the movement, or if the behavior is correct, so I thought I'd ask.

Steven from United States  [1436 posts] 2 months

The pipeline expects something in it to trigger a run .. i.e. like a camera capture trigger or a serial input, etc. If there isn't such a module, the pipeline just doesn't run.

The workaround is to set the Min Processing Fps in the Options button->Other Tab->Min Processing FPS to at least 1 ( or some small non-zero value). This will force the pipeline to run at least 1 times a second which will then trigger the variables to update.

Hope this makes sense.


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