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Applying Green Fileter
Hello, We are trying to apply a Green Filter. After we change the pixels we don't see that reflected in the image....
1 year 2 602
How do I tell Roborealm the path to Python Modules?
Hello! To aid in debugging our code for this year's challenge I was hoping to write variables to an...
1 year 5 812
Reload image
It seems Reload on file change option in Load image module does not work in version 2.80.20. Sergey...
1 year 2 342
Tracking people by clothing
Am experimenting with tracking people by clothing. This seems fairly simple if the person is wearing something with solid bright...
1 year 3 617
Distance and Angle Measurements
We are trying to figure out the best way to measure the distance from the camera to the object being inspected, as well as the p...
1 year 2 698
Targeting system
I have a target that I need to have my robot shoot a ball into. The target has a U shape of retro-reflective tape under it. I wa...
1 year 4 957
Trying to quantify weeds out of field crop
Hello there I am trying to quantify weed population  in field. First image is raw image and second one i...
1 year 2 621
Blob_Inspection Module RoboRealm
Hello, For my project, I am trying to figure use parking spaces as my blobs to inspect on whether parking spaces a...
1 year 4 956
Python Module not working
Hello, I downloaded a trial version of RoboRealm a couple weeks ago and had it working great with p...
1 year 7 1106
Camera Freezing with Convex Hull
I am having problems with Roborealm locking up on a live image when using the Convex_hull method.  The symptoms are th...
1 year 4 707
Camera from roborio
Does anyone know how to get a camera feed into roborealm from the usb camera that is attached to the frc roborio? I can get the ...
1 year 9 1026
Robotix 16
ROBOTIX 2016 | KSHITIJ | IIT KHARAGPUR Technology Robotix Society presents ROBOTIX 2016, its annua...
1 year 1 493
Pothole detect
Hi, Mr. Steven. Can you give me example to detect pothole and crack size? Roborealm is very new to me and it would be awesome if...
1 year 11 931
Constant Variable
I'm new to RoboRealm and I'm trying to make a program to detect certain objects. I have filters that filter out everything but t...
1 year 2 517
Detecting Thick Line Intersections
New to RoboRealm! Looks like a great tool so far. Any suggestions to detect the points that roads i...
1 year 5 938
Line Profile Axis
Hi All, I used Line Profile to detect the gap between the Canyon(two border black lines). It was go...
1 year 3 565
Integer value in Windows-32
I have image with two barcodes (Code128) on it. First one has 10 digits. Second one has 4 digits. Barcode module reads them corr...
2 years 2 587
Mr STeven,                  &...
2 years 6 611
Blob group orientation
I'm trying to make a setup that will recognise the orientation of a sticker that has two identical barcodes on it. Is there a wa...
2 years 5 555
snow globe
Gentlemen, I am also new to your very cool product.   Being Christmas season I would like...
2 years 4 507

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