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Integer value in Windows-32
I have image with two barcodes (Code128) on it. First one has 10 digits. Second one has 4 digits. Barcode module reads them corr...
2 years 2 559
Mr STeven,                  &...
2 years 6 585
Blob group orientation
I'm trying to make a setup that will recognise the orientation of a sticker that has two identical barcodes on it. Is there a wa...
2 years 5 529
snow globe
Gentlemen, I am also new to your very cool product.   Being Christmas season I would like...
2 years 4 491
Confidence Value
Steve That was going to be my next question.  Right now I'm using the "Filter Value" fiel...
2 years 2 455
Fanuc robot
Is there any option for roborelm to connect it to a Fanuc industrial robot? i need to compensate on x and y using the vision sys...
2 years 4 583
Custom Algorithm
hello sir, I am doing research in Artificial Intelligence and robotics area. I feel glad to find RR and wish to use it in my wor...
2 years 9 578
Pir Motion Sensors Online
Anyone tell me the use of pir motion sensors online from ...
2 years 1 397
application demo for RoboRealm DLL library
Do you have the application demo (.exe) for using DLL library?...
2 years 2 554
Dear Sir, I want to decode a datamatrix barcode using RoboRealm and display the data in my project. Thankful for r...
2 years 2 541
how to detect the number inside a square
hi, im doing the project that about using the roborealm to detect few square and inside each square there has different number, ...
2 years 2 609
software not respondig
dear sir As a robot enthusiast, ROBOREALM is a fantastic software I found. But  roborealm...
2 years 3 367
line profile
hi, I want use line profile module. please explain me how to give coordinates values with variable. ( I don`t see option like in...
2 years 2 364
my following vbs script work fine in windows. Dim objShell Set objShell = WScript.Cre...
2 years 3 502
line profile
dear In my simple programe line profile values are not correct. string of all 255. the values where...
2 years 3 365
8051 development board
Hi, anyone please tell me the cheaper price of 8051 development board from this site ...
2 years 1 358
Missing "vcomp120.dll"
Now I'm getting a "Missing vcomp120.dll error" when I try to open RoboRealm on q new computer running Windows 10.  The...
2 years 3 832
USB Port / RoboRealm Module
Iím  trying to figure out what RR module I should use to get my RR Blog Filter to communicate with my Phidget 1011 int...
2 years 7 571
serial communoication
dear sir In my project I want to load an image from my serial port camera. I `m in great difficulty to get done my...
2 years 2 327
Blob Recognition
Hello Steven, great software... I am trying to detect and count coke cans stacked together in images and draw a green border aro...
2 years 2 515

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