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fiducial module - issues getting practical results
Hi guys, I have a personal license and I've just bought a commercial license for a particular appli...
1 year 7 642
Predicting latency
We are successfully using Roborealm with a winbook 700 tablet and getting great results. We do however have to stop the robot to...
1 year 2 590
A simple question in a previous VBScript sample
Hi, there! I'm a member of the FRC team 5515, Blue Power, which is also a group from Shanghai, China. So this year we're trying ...
1 year 2 624
Rotating Camera Image After Modules
Hello, Our team is having a few problems with camera rotation. We recently decided to place the cam...
1 year 3 623
Speak within an if Statement
Hi, I seem to have a problem with an If statement. When I place Speak within the If statement , no speech is heard...
1 year 2 431
how to read I2C data in roborealm
I want to use TSL2561 light sensor with RR. How can I read its  I2C data in RR? Sensor has SDA and SCL pins. Can I use...
1 year 2 495
FRC Nettables
I am having problems with roborealm that I suspect may be a problem with writing to nettables.  Roborealm is hanging a...
1 year 2 680
Remembering USB Camera
I have a USB Camera working with Roborealm.  When I restart Roborealm the USB camera is sometimes remembered but not a...
1 year 2 459
Automated mosaicing
Hello there I am looking for a solution that allow automated mosaicing of images using RR. For example, camera gra...
1 year 1 357
Roborealm on Raspberry PI
Will Roborealm run on a Raspberry PI 2 if the RP2 is running Windows 10 IOT edition?...
1 year 2 787
Servo AX dynamixel is not moving
Hi Steven, Currently, I have problem in connecting AX 12 Dynamixel servo. The servo is being recog...
1 year 2 532
Isolating Targets
Hello again, I have a .robo file similar to the tutorials for targeting and tracking and have attac...
1 year 5 770
Hi STeve - How can I change the active tab from
1 year 4 671
Laser 3D scanner for crop using RR
Hello there Do we have any module which allow me to to create a map of crop field with XY and Z axis? I want to us...
1 year 2 633
Barcode reader
i don't find the Modul Barcode Reader in my installed roborealm. What can I do ? Where can I find it and how can I...
1 year 2 536
How to make this, please help
Hi everyone. Im looking for the best, fastest way to achieve this. I ...
1 year 4 572
AVM Navigator
Hello, i wonder if AVM Navigator is no more being updated. This plugin would be the main reason for me to use RR...
1 year 3 623
Image Matching
I'm running the commercial version 2.79.18 and am working with image matching. There is a check box...
1 year 2 537
Image Compare
Steven, I thought Image Matching was going to work for me - but it does not.  I was tryin...
1 year 2 640
REgarding camera resoltuion
Sir, i am working on a project of autonomous rc car and i am using image processing for it.but on my screen i am getting a resol...
1 year 2 436

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