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Using Variable in Load Image Module?
Anonymous from United States  [10 posts]
1 year

I am trying to have my Program Read in variables from a text file that are image file paths


I use the Display Variables module and it assigns the variables correctly. I then want to use the Load Image Module and input the GOLD_IMAGE variable in the file path. Is this Possible?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1270 posts] 1 year
Yea, just type in


into the filename path (i.e. where you would normally type in c:\path\to\filename.jpg) and that should work. This is an example of what we can expressions .. which are very powerful and work with most places where you just type in data. You can read more about them at

Anonymous from United States  [10 posts] 1 year

Thanks STeven for the quick response time!!

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