IDE for VBScript? Anything But Notepad?!
15 year
Does anyone know of a good IDE for VBScript?

I couldn't find one in a few minutes of Googling, and debugging in Notepad can be tedious. What do you use for VBScript coding?

Anonymous 15 year
Does everyone else just use notepad?

Actually, my Googling did find some IDEs for web-based VBScript applications, and in my n00bishness I don't know how those work.

I built a robot arm using 4 servos, balsa wood, and a serial servo control board, and now I'm trying to write code to compute the needed servo positions to put the arm end at a given X,Y distance from the base of the robot. I've written nearly all of the script to do so, but expect some unpleasant debugging.
Anonymous 15 year

Depends largely on your environment. If you are using the API to communicate to RR then you can run VB.Net in visual studio that has the full debugging (i.e. watch, breakpoints, etc.) at your disposal.

If you are just writing something to be run in RR then we just use notepad (or textpad, notepad++, etc.)  and just debug using "Write XXX" aka print statements (in the VBScript module) to check the values as the script progresses. A lot of robotics is done this way as smaller embedded environments do not always have a full debugging environment .. it is a bit tedious but that comes with the robotic domain!

You could also write your own extension to RR using pipes or sockets which would allow RR to connect to an external running program. This would be your program running in Visual Studio which again could be debugged from that point of view. It is a little harder to set this up but once running debugging is like you would normally expect.

Keep in mind the difference between the API and Extensions. The API is used to control RR whereas the Extensions are meant to be used in the processing pipeline and are called on each new image. The API is more of a querying system outside of the main processing pipeline (i.e. if the API comm fails RR continues just fine, if an Extension fails then processing stops).

But, again, if it is not much code then using the VBScript module and some write statements is the simplest and quickest way to go.

Anonymous 15 year
Thanks! It's good to know about "Write". I'll try using the API, and next time I'll read more of the documentation before posting silly questions!

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