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12 year
I am using an Xtion Pro Live with RR but when I run RR, the maximum FPS that I manage to get is 15. I want atleast 30 FPS. Any way that I can achieve this? Thanks in advance.
Subbu from United States  [21 posts] 12 year
Any help please?
Anonymous 12 year

What kind of machine are you running this on? Sometimes the USB bus can get over saturated and slow down the fps.

Try running it on a new machine without any other devices connected to the USB bus. Also try reducing the resolution to a smaller size and see if that keeps up with the fps.

Also check your CPU load to ensure that the machine is not overtaxed.

Lastly, some machines will not produce more than the 500mA USB requirement and cause devices to slow down due to power issues. Since the ASUS has no external power supply this may also be an issue. If you have a powered USB hub try using that (i.e. plug the ASUS into it and it into the PC) and see if that makes a difference.

Subbu from United States  [21 posts] 12 year
Hello Steven, thanks for the insight. I will surely try this on a high configuration computer and update you about this. I was using a dual core machine till now. However I will give it a try on a new core i-7 machine and update you about it.

BTW is there an option where RR can be made to use all the cores for its processing?

Anonymous 12 year
Actually a dual should be ok in terms of CPU. Your issue seems to be around the USB bus speed .. but we don't know that for sure.

RR will use more cores depending on the module being used. Some modules are just not applicable across cores since the overhead simply increases the time per frame. It really depends on the module.

Which one are you seeing a speed issue on that you'd like multiple cores to utilize?

Carl from United States  [18 posts] 12 year
Although I'm not familiar with your particular camera,
I've noticed some are drasticly more sensitive to light
level than others - my Microsoft HD camera only gets
7.5 FPS in a moderately lit indoor environment where
my Logitech one does 30... then again the Logitech
one saturates when I try using it outside regardless
of settings but the Microsoft one performs splendidly
there, so you might want to try an alternate camera.
Subbu from United States  [21 posts] 12 year
@Steven : Steven, I am getting a drop in the frame rate when I use the AVM_Navigator module(Drops from 30 to 17-20). I tried it on a core i7 2nd gen Laptop yesterday and to my surprise found the frame rate goes up from 21-28 but this is not constant as I could see that the frame rate was changing drastically from 21 to 28 (including intermediate values) and was not getting stabilized.

BTW, is it possible to allow us to install RR simultaneously on two pcs? We have purchased a commercial license and if you give me an email address, I could send you the details of our purchase. Because every time I need to uninstall and reinstall when I change PCs.

@Carl : Thanks for the suggestion Carl. Well, I am using the RGB camera that is on the Xtion Pro Live. I am not allowed to change the camera and I have to make this one work :).
Anonymous 12 year
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