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color recognition
Hi I have three types color of cars which are green, red, and blue. I want to recognize them with only color. Came...
11 year 7 4083
Manipulating Probes (Line probe)
Hello, I would programmatically use the edge probe to check the alignment of a blob/object. &n...
14 year 3 4083
Crop and Scale modules don't change IMAGE_WIDTH variable
Hi STeven, Using RR version 2.5.9, I noticed that when I Crop a 320x240 image to a lesser width, sa...
14 year 11 4081
first try: interfacing with parallax servo controler
Hi all, I have read through the tutorial on the web controlled camera.  I want to do something s...
17 year 8 4081
pololu servo control via xbee
Hi, I have been using roborealm for controlling my pololu maestro 6 servo controller via a joystick  and it works fine...
10 year 11 4066
adding center off range to joystick control
I am controlling an ROV with a USB Attack 3 Joystick to a Pololu Maestro controller.  I have good control of the slide...
13 year 4 4064
RoboRealm and Lego RCX Usb
Hello, I have connected a wireless camera to an Eminent video grabber. When I use the...
14 year 10 4059
Image Issue
Hello, I have a TIFF image that consists mostly of rectangular blobs laid ou...
17 year 2 4057
Blob detection & tracking
Is it possible to detect and track blobs with what is essentially a black and white camera? (It's a bayer filtering cam...
16 year 2 4054
Lynxmotion Python Control
Is there by chance any python API that I can examine to see how to control servos using the Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller....
14 year 2 4052
Easy Vision Program
Is there an easy vision program to use that won't take up a lot of processor space? I need it to be able to run on a single cor...
14 year 18 4048
Image Calibration
Hello, I am using RR along with ImageJ.  The only r...
16 year 8 4042
read the distance among two colors
hi, I write you from Italy, I apologize me of my a little clear English. Would I like to know if it is possible t...
11 year 15 4040
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm?
Our team is relatively new in using RoboRealm. We got a sample program to track a hand but we would want to know how to get Robo...
11 year 17 4036
Problem with URG-04LX laser scanner module
I bought a URG-04LX laser scanner and I am trying to interface it to RoboRealm module. I have a problem:
12 year 1 4034
Sabertooth 2X25, motors not responding
I'm not actually sure if this is a bug, but the motors on my robot are not responding. I've connected the Sabertooth 2x25, tur...
15 year 3 4033
Parallel port interface with multiple instance of roborealm
My objective is to create a robot........which travels in a black road with white background........and if there is a turn then...
15 year 3 4033
SimultanalusMy Program and RR
Hi, Another question ! How to use my program on my RCX2 and RR simultaneously...
17 year 3 4029
Laser tracking
Hello, Is it possible to track a laser with a robot that is controlled by a Sabertooth dx10 motorco...
14 year 6 4028
Serial problems
I am trying to debug with the serial interface and am having some difficulties. Specifically I am t...
15 year 8 4027

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