Image Issue
17 year


I have a TIFF image that consists mostly of rectangular blobs laid out in a grid fashion.  It looks fine in other programs (ImageJ etc.).  When opened with RoboRealm it looks like it is rotated and leaning backwards.  I'm just not sure what is causing this.   Trying to save this image gives an "Uknown Image Format" error.

I downloaded this version on 11/06/06 and picked up the most current FreeImage.DLL

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you

TIFF Format
17 year

Could you send us or post a link to the image that you are having issues with? We tested a couple of TIFF images that we could find on the net and they seemed to come in just fine. Perhaps there is something specific with your image.

Also, if you use another program and save that image in another format (like GIF) does that image appear the same when loaded into RR?

Image Issue (Tiff) Follow Up
17 year

Hello Steven,

I tried saving the image as a BMP file but nothing changed.  It will read in but looks skewed.  I will attach a Tiff file and a screen capture of RoboRealm and ImageJ.  I guess there is something going on with the FreeImage DLL

[image1] should be the screen capture
[image2] should be the sample Tiff file

Thank you


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