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HoejinKim from United States  [4 posts]
11 year
I have three types color of cars which are green, red, and blue. I want to recognize them with only color. Camera is put on the ceiling. Their shapes are same, so if I use image recognition, it does not work well.

HoejinKim from United States  [4 posts] 11 year
Does anyone know how to recognize color objects ?
Anonymous 11 year

There are various ways to do this. A very simple method is to use the RGB_Filter module and select just one color (say red) and then run the Object Recognition module after that. You can use that combination for all 3 colors ... so you'd end up with 6 modules to accomplish that.

Or you can just quantify the amount of each color present as a rough indication that an object of that color is present.

It will depend on what accuracy and uniqueness you need. Perhaps if you write a little more about what you final project is we can steer you better.

See attached robofile for one instance of the RGB_Filter on the red object.



HoejinKim from United States  [4 posts] 11 year
Hi Steven
( I am a Korean and bad at writing English, so I appreciate you understanding me)

My project is to make a vision system on the robot cell attached in file.
The camera on the ceiling recognizes floor and objects such as tables and robots
RoboRealm should send signals to robot by wireless, the signals are variables that can avoid obstacles such as human and tables and arrive at the final destination that we want.
for your help, I made a program that is able to recognize three colors' cars
Next procedure is to make a robot arriving at the final destination by himself avoiding many obstacles.
The robots are programmed by Arduino software.

I hope you understand my project and would give me an advice as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot


Anonymous 11 year

Can you post the actual image that you are processing? Its easier to help if we have the source image that you are working with. The above appears to just be a diagram of what the actual scene is.

Also, have you looked at


which is similar to what you are doing.

Hoejin Kim from United States  [7 posts] 11 year
Hi Steven

this is the image that you want. The robot is still making, so the toy robot is replaced on the white board. The red car should avoid obstacles to arrive at destination in the right on top.


Anonymous 11 year
Ok, try the attached. You can use the mentioned tutorial to then determine how to move the car based on PLAN_ORIENTATION.


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