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RD02 Devantech
Hey Steve, How I can to connect the RD02 Devantech Kit with RR?. Can you or somebody to help me. I have Arduino Di...
13 year 4 4279
Trapezium crop
Hi STeven, Is it possible to crop trapezium shapes? As the area gets smaller due to perspective, i...
11 year 7 4275
Motion detection - save stream
Hi, I'm new to roborealm, and the purpose that i'd like to use it for is not related to r...
16 year 3 4270
interactive pointer project
if GetVariable("COG_AREA") > 0 then   SetVariable "prev_x", GetVariable("next_x"...
14 year 1 4265
Joystick interface
Hi, Steven I have a problem to pick up the second HID in the RR. I am trying...
16 year 11 4264
Raspberry Pi + Roborealm
Hi Steven, Is it posibble to install Roborealm in Raspberry Pi?...
11 year 3 4263
visual anchor
Hi Stephen, I wanted to ask you before I try something that I may tie myself in a knot over to get your input.&nbs...
14 year 12 4250
Arduino Mega + two Futaba Servos + RoboRealm = Pan/tilt object following.
Steven, I was wondering if you had some updated Robo VBscript file that would work well with the Me...
11 year 9 4250
How does new Floor Finder work with old settings?
Hi STeven, I'm having some difficulty getting the new Floor Finder module to work as nicely as the...
13 year 6 4250
Dream Cheeky USB Missle Launcher Help!!!
Ok So im working on the tutorial for the usb missle launcher and ran into a problem. If i use the set variable command or try th...
14 year 2 4245
Boe Bot
I am working on a project with a Boe-Bot but I am unable to bring the actual robot home with me. Is there any way to test my pro...
15 year 3 4231
SOR_Axon causes RoboRealm to crash
Has anyone had any luck using the SOR_Axon file in RoboRealm? I'm running XP, service pack 2, and...
14 year 5 4229
VB - Getting the captured image into a picture
I see how to save an image to file using VB. I don't see how to get the pixels into a picture box or image box. Can you...
17 year 2 4227
Canon HV-30 Capture issue
Hello, I have a Canon HV 30 HD Camcorder. I'm using windows xp with all the latest updates and ser...
14 year 4 4213
Unable To Upload ftp images
Dear RR, I am using RoboRealm Version and having problems upload images using the ftp modu...
15 year 24 4202
Convert green laser line to red
What modules could be used to convert green laser lines to red so the images can work with the laser line module? ...
13 year 3 4199
hi guyz fist of all.I appreciate for letting us to use a such a great program like roborealm for our ssc 32 card in orde...
16 year 3 4187
VBScript to Serial Port Communication
Is there a way to be running a VBscript with an if statement, and in the if statement send a command through the serial port?
10 year 2 4177
thickness probe
hello, i have been working with thickness and line probes but i still have not figured out how to work and position the probes....
14 year 6 4175
Accessing COG Variables Through MSRS
I'm trying to create a simple ball following program in Microsoft Robotics Studio using a Lego NXT in conjunction with...
16 year 17 4173

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