interactive pointer project
14 year
if GetVariable("COG_AREA") > 0 then

  SetVariable "prev_x", GetVariable("next_x")
  SetVariable "prev_y", GetVariable("next_y")

  SetVariable "next_x", GetVariable("COG_X")
  SetVariable "next_y", GetVariable("COG_Y")

  SetVariable "last_click", 0


  if GetVariable("last_click") <> 0 and GetVariable("last_click") < Timer() then

  RemoveVariable "next_x"
  RemoveVariable "next_y"
  RemoveVariable "prev_x"
  RemoveVariable "prev_y"


  if GetVariable("last_click") = 0 then
    SetVariable "last_click", timer() + 1
  end if

  end if

end if

help me  
I am write image real time . It code upper not used.

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