Raspberry Pi + Roborealm
MOHD ADAM from Malaysia  [2 posts]
12 year
Hi Steven,

Is it posibble to install Roborealm in Raspberry Pi?
Anonymous 12 year
No, not currently. The PI comes with a Unix based OS which is not compatible with RoboRealm. It may be possible to install Windows on the PI and run RoboRealm but that is not something we have tried. Because of its 400Mhz rate it may also not be sufficient enough power to run any real time video analysis.

We have been busy porting parts of RoboRealm to the BeagleBone which at 750Mhz shows more promise. This has not yet been launched and host  a smaller/simpler version of RoboRealm.

Sam from United Kingdom  [2 posts] 12 year
regards to the Raspberry Pi i sure that it runs at 700Mhz and some people have clock it to run at 1000Mhz though whether they over volted it to run that fast i don't know. I sure also that they say it will run at 800MHz fine (Some where on there website)

The graphic side of thing i would take the risk and say it might just.The GPU on the board is capable of BlueRay quality playback and even has openGL and openVG libraries on it :O

I'm going to get my Raspberry PI on order and i'll see if it capable of decent graphics sadly i dont think it will run wine :(

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