CCD/CMOS Cameras on NTSC_M with roborealm?
garrett from Canada  [4 posts]
17 year
I'm using 2 X 1/3 Cmos and 2X 1/4 CCD camera boards for a robotic rover project.  They output into a quad processor that controls 4 way split, 2 way and single screen camera select..
The processor outputs in NTSC_M format via Component RCA Video into my Video Capture on my Laptop.

I'm curiuous if the roborealm software will recognize the video feed from the video capture card as a camera?  Or do you have to use a USB webcam?

I'm hoping to use the software to recognize color variations in a single camera full screen mode.
Can roborealm process 2 or 4 camera feeds at once?  Or is this feature not possible?

My lap top is a 3.0GhZ, 1.5 Gig 2700 Ram, 128 Meg Radeon Express integrated video, and PCMCIA Capture card.  

Also, you record, on demand, to file while viewing video?

Thanks alot,
Anonymous 17 year

If your PC recognizes your capture card as a video input device then RoboRealm should work quite nicely. You do not specifically need a USB Webcam to use RoboRealm ... TV Tuners, Digitizer Cards, etc. will all work fine as video input devices. (Even movie files work too)

We currently cannot process more than one feed at a time. While technically possible we're actually working on the UI of this feature to make camera switching possible and still easy to do. So, we're currently adding this (the request has come up often) but will not be out for a couple weeks.

Your laptop sounds fine .. should run RoboRealm quite well.

Yes, you can record video to a file while viewing the video. Just add in the "Write AVI" module, configure the right filename and press the start button. That's what we use to generate all the tutorial videos. Be sure to also specify which compression you want ... if you want to process the video at a later point specify "uncompressed" otherwise you will pick up compression artifacts within the video ... but be warned, the video will then be really big!

garrett from Canada  [4 posts] 17 year
Thanks for the response.  Sounds good.  I'll wait for the UI interface to come out.

How do I go about loading an Mpg Movie or AVI into the program?  I tried everything but can't figure it out.  Is there a module I need?
loading an Mpg Movie
17 year
Just for others reading this post ... as Garrett figured out you can use the Loading/Saving->Read AVI module to load in MPG or generic AVI type files.


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