Canon HV-30 Capture issue
Aron from Hungary  [4 posts]
15 year

I have a Canon HV 30 HD Camcorder. I'm using windows xp with all the latest updates and service pack. The camcorder captures perfectly in Adobe Premiere, and HDVSplit etc. But when I start using RR it neither recognizes the device when selecting from the two possible items from the camera combobox Microsoft VDM Image Capture or  AV/C Tape subunit device. The camera connects thru firewire, and no other application is running when using RR.

any help would be highly appreciated, thanks

Aron from Hungary  [4 posts] 15 year

I have forgot to mention, the camera and RR works together fine in DV mode. Only HDV mode throws this error which makes me think, I'm might be facing with an operation system specific problem.
Aron from Hungary  [4 posts] 15 year

Just a last one, I have tried to install VCAM driver, the installation worked well, but when testing in AMCAP or other application, I'm still getting a black screen. The Activate VCAM is checked.

Anonymous 15 year

Try decreasing the 120 preview and max processing fps to 30 fps and then test. It is possible that the system cannot handle that fast a frame rate when using HDV mode.

Also see if the Firewire module provides any better connection to the camera.


The error you are getting is from the Win32 DirectX subsystem that basically says that the current default configuration is not valid for that camera ... most likely this is due to the increased fps speed that works find in the DV mode.

The Virtual Camera appears correct but would not show any image unless you either connected a camera to RR or dragged an image into RR. Without that the image would be black and thus the VCam would also. The VCam is really meant to broadcast out the currently processed image in RR. If that image is blank then so would the VCam image.

Thanks for the donation!


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