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Counting cars
I'm trying to count the number of cars entering or exiting a junction, on multiple lanes. I've tried to make a running program...
12 year 4 4148
I'm trying to get the Hauppauge PVR-150, which is a very popular card, to work with RoboRealm, but nothing's showing o...
16 year 7 4146
communicating to nxt over usb, and variables?
hey again, my bot is stationary, I would like to use usb, but I also have a program running on my nxt that controls precise moto...
15 year 11 4144
Lynxmotion SSC control feedback
Is it possible to get servo position feedback, so that one could know if the move has been completed and what position i...
15 year 7 4140
"Virtual Reality"
I was wondering if there is anyway to create a "virtual reality" system.  I want to start very simple.  I...
13 year 6 4138
CCD camera and 4 channel Usb DVR
Hello everybody, I seen this program on the internet and thought I would give it a shot.
13 year 4 4136
Iris recognition
I want to detect the inner circle i.e. the pupil boundary and the iris boundary with the center and radius of the 2 circles. Can...
15 year 2 4130
Face detection
Hello STeven, In one of my application, I am using Roborealm (license ver 2.47.4). ...
11 year 4 4130
Automatically image learning
Hi guys,   I want to build a robot capable of recognizing objects in its surrounding. I s...
12 year 14 4128
How to upload to robot, Rovio- New at this
How to upload to robot, Rovio? I am new at this. Thank you....
14 year 4 4127
Cropping and Center of Gravity
Hi, I just started using RoboRealm for the prototype stages of a motion tracking  & control project. Because m...
17 year 7 4124
C# questions
I can start the camera and set up a green filter using rr.execute("<head><version>1.50</ve...
16 year 10 4121
How do I send out the follwing commond from Roborealm serail control Chr$(255),Chr$(6),Chr$(120)
17 year 3 4114
training images
hi, i tried to train a simple image from a folder but roborealm closes when i start training... what is the soluti...
12 year 18 4111
FTP upload Frequency issue
I'm setting the Frequency section of FTP Images. The Send Every and Between seem to have issues. Wh...
15 year 13 4106
Path planning using Voronoi Diagrams
Hello I am building an automatic robot using computer vision which will commute from source to target dodging obst...
14 year 4 4102
Anybody home???
Hello? Hello? Hello?...
17 year 2 4094
Blob tracking and filtering
Hi! I am trying to track a blue LED in a ping pong ball. I am able to segment out the ball quite wel...
11 year 3 4094
Seam tracking
Dear Steven I am enclosing a jpg. I need to find the co-ordinates of the point of intersection between the laser l...
14 year 4 4092
Hi, I would like to use a proximity sensor to trigger my camera. Actually I use a conventional Trus...
14 year 6 4085

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