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Atom from United States  [1 posts]
13 year
Is there a possibility of a future Android OS release for roborealm? With my Droid X seems like it might have enough power to run some simple tasks, maybe even utilize a bluetooth arduino setup and make a small tracking robot ..
Anonymous 13 year

Thanks for the suggestion ... we are interested in developing a future release of RoboRealm for many more platforms but not any time soon. The reason for the delay is that there are certain higher priority modules that need to be developed to allow for certain functionality to even exist on ANY platform. For example, generic Object Recognition has been addressed with the recent AVM module release but there is much more still to be done to allow for objects to be rotated, irregular lighting, etc. This is not to mention additional modules that address OCR, face recognition, etc. So, with the advent of Netbooks at around $300 - $400 that run RoboRealm quite nicely this has slowed the need to develop for additional platforms in lieu of additional needed functionality for the platform that we currently support. Its hard not to argue that buying a netbook for a robot is not a good deal. In many cases the netbook is even cheaper than some of the more advanced handheld devices. Given that Android may make its way onto Netbooks this would better help to increase a RoboRealm Android version .. but it would also depend on the popularity of the OS on Netbooks and how MS decides to continue supporting netbooks ... but that's a much longer story.

Our philosophy is to first address functionality that is not possible on ANY system and then worry about getting that to work on more systems. Hopefully this is a good strategy for robot enthusiasts and one that seems reasonable.

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 13 year

I vote for good object recognition. Have you guys experimented with the SURF algorithm? Also, I saw a new object recognition algorithm called "Lark" at the Willow Garage website that works with webcams that you'll might want to investigate:


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What a coincidence! With the proliferation of used and older PCs (Pentium 1.2Ghz +, Dual Core, etc) and a free operating system like Ubuntu, I think RoboRealm sales will increase two-fold. I have two Ubuntu laptops ready for robotic applications. MS Windows O/S is a moving target and I find more web/network camera drivers available for Ubuntu. I anxiously await (in the near future) Roborealm’s multi-platform compatibility. Keep up the outstanding work!
Danh from United States  [79 posts] 13 year
Most of RoboRealm works under Ubuntu using WINE. However, the webcam support isn't functioning properly. Do a search for "ubuntu" in the forum to see some examples.

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