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16 year
hi guyz fist of all.I appreciate for letting us to use a such a great program like roborealm for our ssc 32 card in order to control our servo motors. the problem we encounter is that the input of our ssc 32 card is a serial port which made us to  use male -female serial port cable and a usb to rs232 converter to connect it to a laptop from its usb port.The idea of using a converter was because of diffuculty  of  finding  a serial ported laptop or a PC here in Turkey.But at the end we couldnt send signals to our card by using roborealm by using the converter.Are there any solution to this problem.
best regard.
Zeki Yilmaz
Usb to Serial
16 year
Your cable should have come with a driver, and if it didn't, you should try to find one on the internet. The driver will create a virtual serial port, usually >1-4. Just select this port in RR and it should work
charlie from United Kingdom  [9 posts]
16 year
if your drivers are good then make sure you've got the right serial port selected. i may sound stupid but every time you plug a usb -> serial converter into a different usb port it adds another serial port and hides the old one but does not remove it, so if you want to stick with the 1-4 range you'll have to do some shuffling in device manager.

(i love the way M$ release software that just works. why cant it work WELL?)

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