Pololu Micro Maestro
Doug  [4 posts]
14 year

We putting together an ROV to accompany a submarine and want to drive it with RC motor and ESCs.   See ArgonautJr.com for more about the sub.

Is there a module for the Pololu Micro Maestro?  

If not is there an example for how to interface to one ?

Or would the easier path be to use the Pololu SSC?

Thanks for your help!
bigkahuna from United States  [14 posts] 14 year
Hi Doug,

It might work by using RoboRealm's Pololu SSC setting ( http://www.roborealm.com/help/Pololu_SSC.php ), just as it does with the Micro SSC.  According the Pololu, they all use the same data formats (from their website, "Simultaneously supports the Pololu protocol, which gives access to advanced functionality, and the simpler Scott Edwards MiniSSC II protocol (there is no need to configure the device for a particular protocol mode)").

What I don't know (I don't have one to test) is whether RoboRealm will see the controller since it's using a USB connection instead of a serial port.

What I'm using is Pololu's USB to Serial adapter ( http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/391 ) and the Micro SSC ( http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/207 ).  These absolutely work, but it appears that Pololu may be phasing out the Micro SSC.
Doug  [4 posts] 14 year
Imagine meeting you here Cpt. Paul.

No luck get the RR Pololu SSC module to connect to the Pololu Miro Maestro.  The Maestro does setup two comm ports under Device Driver.  One for Commands and the other for TTL.  

I also tried the RR Serial module.  It sees the Maestro's com ports but I can't get it to connect to either.

Any ideas?

Anonymous 14 year
Doug and Cpt. Paul,

There does appear to be a connection issue with the Maestro ... we'll take a look into that and get back to you guys here.

Thanks for checking this out!
Doug  [4 posts] 14 year
Thanks Steven.  Strange thing is I rebooted my laptop and the RoboRealm Serial as well as Pololu SSC connected just fine with the Pololu in either USB mode.   I don't have anything hooked up the the Micro Maestro yet, but it is now blinking to indicate that it's getting the message and the RR modules are connecting to both pseudo Command and TTL comm ports setup by the Micro Maestro.  Before it was just the Maestro Control Center that would connect.

Also wanted to tell you what I told the David at Pololu; the fact that a nube like me can get so far along so fast is a real testament to your product.  And thanks for checking into any issue you have found.  I'll be checking back for updates.

Capt Paul, thanks again for the recomendation.

Best of Luck
Anonymous 14 year
Doug and Cpt. Paul,

Seems that the SSC module would kind of work if the Maestro was set to USB dual port ... but probably not well enough to trust. Instead we created a new module specifically for that board that uses direct USB commands to control it. Download the latest version and see if that works for you ....

Doug  [4 posts] 14 year
Nice work STeven! A new module for the Pololu Micro Maestro in less than a week!  I wish we could get vendors at work to respond like that.  Two thumbs up for RoboRealm.

Thank You

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