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13 year
Has anyone else had any luck with getting the seek dock function to work with a Discovery 400 series?
Anonymous 13 year
Do you mean programatically or just by pressing the button on the Roomba? We are not sure by the 400 series was at the border between the API becoming available so their might be some functions that it just doesn't implement.

Anonymous  [6 posts] 13 year
Yes, via the program I am unable to get the robot to go into dock seek mode. I can manually initiate a docking sequence and that works fine.
Anonymous 13 year
Do any other the other controls work via the program? If so then it looks like the seek dock was probably not implemented in that version.

Anonymous  [6 posts] 13 year
Yeah every other function works fine, when I tell it to seek the dock the clean and max buttons blink like it's about to start seeking the dock but it just doesn't.
Anonymous 13 year
Ok, that probably makes sense. I was just checking that the dock command works on the 500 series which it does. Seems that this is a problems other have had as mentioned in


with the 143 command (that's the seek doc command).

Oh well ...

Anonymous  [6 posts] 13 year
Thanks, I did some more digging around on the RobotReviews forum and I actually found that on the Discovery 400 series, if you issue a clean command and then a dock command the robot will proceed to dock correctly.
Howard from United States  [4 posts] 12 year
I'm having the same problem with my Discovery 400.  when I try the clean  that seems to work but when i follow this with the dock command it just stops.  Any thoughts.  
Anonymous 12 year
Don't you have to update the bios firmware with that gadget that Fred was using Before it will work on the older units?
Howard from United States  [4 posts] 12 year
Yes  I had  the Firmware updated to V2.1 with OSMO.  And it seem to recognize all the commands except  the dock.   even when I issue the Clean command first.
Howard from United States  [4 posts] 12 year
From the roomba module
I've been able to get both the clean button and the dock button to work correctly on an old version of roborealm v2.0.2.4  
  But  my new version of roborealm v2.37.10  the clean button only works intermittently  will start to play the tune like its going to start cleaning  but then stops before the tune is complete.   after clicking on the clean  button a few times it finally does start cleaning  but when I click on the dock button it stops immediately.
P.S. I've got a model 400   discovery  with latest firmware.

Anonymous 11 year

Seems that those buttons were causing the serial connection to fail (I think the bot actually does this) and on reconnection it was stopping the clean or dock command. This has been fixed and tested with a 500 series. Can you verify this on your side?

2.42.3 has this update.

Howard from United States  [4 posts] 11 year
Hi Steve,
    Just loaded the latest code 2.42.3 and tested it on Roomba 400,   Works
great...  Thanks.  
Anonymous  [6 posts] 11 year
Are you able to read sensor data, that was the big issue that I was having in the last release.

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