lego nxt  bluetooth connection
Tobechi from United States  [3 posts]
14 year
i have problem with my lego NXT bluetooth connection. whenever i connect the reborealm to the lego NXT through bluetooth, it connect and the whole program freezes. This happens after the image has processed and the vbscript running. i have try different bluetooths and laptops, this same thing happen.
Steve, can u tell  the cause of the problem and how to resolve it. am using it for a project
Anonymous 14 year

We will need more information than that ...

1.  Have you gotten BT to work outside of RR?
2. Have you tried whatever you are running without the NXT module?
3. Have you JUST tried using the NXT module without any other modules?
4. When you say freeze, what specifically do you mean? Do you need to reboot? Do you just kill the RR application using task manager? Have you left it for 5min to see if any error comes back? Sometimes serial comms have long timeouts so try being patient and waiting to see if something comes back.
5. Have you tried BT using the lego application?
6. Are you sure you are connecting to the right COM port?

Tobechi from United States  [3 posts] 14 year
To provide more information, the BT works good outside the RR. i have used the BT to download to the NXT using the BricxCC or lego mindstorm software. when I used only the NXT module, it works fine. I can move the wheels, read the sensors, open and close the NXT Module. when i try to do application like to search for a red ball by including other modules and running the vbscript, that is when i experience the problem. when the Vbscript is running, open the NXT Module , check the ac motor, select the variable, to the COM port select correct COM port, it connects to NXT, the slide for ac motor will move but the values will not channge and  then it freezes. i can't close the NXT module, even if click OK, Stop or cancel. i have waited for up to 2mins not happpen. The only way stop the RR is by killing it through the Task manger or turn off the NXT to break communication which automatically generate an error message and kill the program
when the NXT module connect to the NXT, the NXT starting spinning and the RR freezes and nothing else can be done using RR and NXT module cannot close and no other module can be added. the only way to stop the RR as i said before, is killing it through the task manger or turn off the NXt
Anonymous 14 year

I think we found the issue with this. Please try ver 2.4.8 for the fix.

Thanks for your very detailed note. That helped considerably in reproducing the issue.


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