Robot Control
17 year
How did you get the robot controlled in the tutorials by the pc? You used a vb script to do it, but how did the variables from the RR program get to the vb script and how did the vb script control the motors?
Anonymous 17 year
The variables are configured by the VBScript to hold the appropriate servo values ... these variables are then used in one of the control modules (SSC, SV203, Parallax, etc) that will communicate to the appropriate servo control board which then controls the motors on the robot. The demos on the site are done using a small PC based robot using an onboard biscuit board. RoboRealm is actually running on the small PC which also has an SSC board on it to control the left and right wheels via an electronic speed control (PWM signal). We will, however, be augmenting the load on the small PC by using other desktop PCs to do the heavy lifting using wireless networks i.e. the image will be transfered to another PC for processing with results being passed back to the small PC.

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