Ceiling mounted camera
pickle9000 from Canada  [2 posts]
17 year
Looking for a little input. Here's what I have.

A Robosapien
An IR remote control that can be controlled by my PC (I've run simple commands to operate the robosapien, works fine).
A webcam or multiple webcams on the ceiling or wherever.

The project is simple. Mount one red and one green LED on the shoulders of robosapien. Use the camera to detect the location and perhaps allow it to walk towards an item. For example take a picture of the room and use that as a base. Then guide the RS to any item that enters. It would also be cool to have it kick a ball around.  

Basically I'm looking for a cheap project with stuff I already have.

Anonymous 17 year
Hi Pickle

Sounds quite a bit like what I'm working on. Got a small main robot moving around living room controlled wirelessly by Strabo, a digital compass and a VB6 interface. RoboRealm is set up to track colours and display it as a continually updated line on a different VB6 interface. Next up combine the two VB bits and use the ceiling mounted camera to direct the (yet to be built) flock of smaller robots to "flock" to the main one.  Kinda like a dog and puppies greeting you when you walk in the room. Same sort of premise: cheap, fun project with what I have on hand.

Tom in Nova Scotia
pickle9000 from Canada  [2 posts] 17 year
What kind of remote do you plan to use on the flockers?

RF would be fairly expensive. If you have a web page I wouldn'd mind having a look at your setup.

The flock idea is excellent.

I was thinking a backback for the Robosapien with the tv remote. It would bring the remote to wherever you where. Practial and lazy my two favourite things.

...pickle (in Pitt Meadows B.C.)

Anonymous 17 year
I use TWS-434a / RWS-434 pairs from Rentronics.
Web page will go up soon, I'll post here when I do.
I'll be glad to answer any questions in the meantime.

Anonymous 17 year
Sounds cool! We working on something familiar on tracking a moving object from a ceiling mounted camera. Having certain colors would help to make tracking the object easier but using movement based on a chance in a base image (like Tom mentions) may be a more general way of controlling the device. Combined with the movement detector we also have a path planning module (not out just yet) that can be used to guide the robot from one location in the image to the next. Hopefully we'll get that tutorial up and running soon!

FYI, we're looking to base the tutorial on solving parts of http://www.techfest.org/ibots/snap/

Keep us informed on how your progress goes and let us know if we can help in any way.


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