Connect to excel file
Kshitij Burman from India  [10 posts]
14 year
For my project i need to connect to excel file which contain properties of object  and enviroment and if find some new property then write it to excel file.
If you can make command like this to be used in VBScrpt for Excel module
syntax:   excel "file_path" ,"read,write","sheet_no","cell_address"
can you please make command through which i can control other module and their property with the help of VBScript
Anonymous 14 year

That seems like quite an extension that has not been requested by anyone else. This is the main reason that the API exists. It allows you to query RR for that value and determine how to get it into an Excel file. Microsoft has lots of technologies for doing what you ask and is better done outside of RoboRealm.



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