Shape detection!!!
15 year

How to detect the shape in image "a" from the shapes in image  "b" and how to get the coordinates of COG of that shape in image "b", and also the coordinates of the corners?


Anonymous 15 year
There are various ways to do this. We included an example of how to use the blob_filter with a bitmap file to show this.

Note you need to threshold both images to black and white. The included ones above are not completely black and white largely due to the JPG compression which is not a lossless technique. Best to store black and white images in GIF or PNG.

The included example uses the blob filter to remove all objects that are not like the specific bitmap image. You can also use the shape match module to do this.

The result is a COG array which is renamed and displayed in the upper left corner. We then used the point_location module to get the extents of the triangle ... you could include more of those extreme points if the triangle is rotated to get the correct rotated shape.

Note that you will need to update all the image paths in the blob_filter module for the shape image.


wat is the good way to make image matching?
sainath from Malaysia  [1 posts]
15 year
i want to know o good formula how to make shape matching by vision system?
and howto use shape matching to detact a thing?
Anonymous 15 year

Perhaps you can find source code by researching one of the following systems:



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