Robotis Dynamixel module  not discovering servos
Rich Jones from United States  [1 posts]
13 year
I have the CM-700 and set the module to the correct Baud rate, port and in monitor mode but the module never discovers any servos. Using the RoboPlus programs does discover the 7 servos. Anyone have any ideas?

I have a CrustCrawler AX12 arm that I would like to control with this module.  A USB camera is mounted on top of the arm. To move all of the arm joints would however require a SyncWrite command to move two servos at once. The shoulder and elbow joints use two servos. Do you plan on supporting this feature?

As for now, to pan and tilt the camera just requires single servo moves of the Wrist and Base, so this module would work for my primary purpose if I can get it working.

Also would it be possible to have  a method to call stored poses (move sequences) in the CM700?

Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 13 year

The module uses

scan 64

to find which servos are connected to the CM700 (the module just sends that command over to the CM700 command program). Are you IDs higher than 64? Or what happens when you issue this command manually on your CM700. Can you post the output to that?

For the sync write you may be able to just specify the same variable in both servos (assuming the above would work). The issue would be how close the timing is ... worth a try and if that doesn't work we can look into supporting a sync write.

We can also look into calling stored poses assuming we get issue #1 resolved.


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